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You have just booked your next family vacation at a hotel or kid-friendly resort, and you want to make sure that your stay is going to be as stress-free as possible. Here’s some expert advice for having a safe, relaxing vacation with the kids while staying at a resort or in a comfortable, family-friendly hotel:

Securing Your Room

Every time that you leave your hotel room, make sure that it’s locked and that you have your room key with you. When you get back to the room, use the deadbolt to secure the door. Instruct the kids that only adults can open up the door when someone knocks. If your room has a balcony, be sure to shut and lock the glass sliding doors before you leave. Many hotel rooms with come with a safe, and if you want to secure your valuables, like jewelry, laptops, and cash, secure them accordingly. Just be sure to take note of the combination so that you can open it up when needed.

Getting Lost

Resorts can be big, spread out over large areas, and crowded with guests. It’s easy for kids to get separated from their parents and end up lost in such an unfamiliar place. To keep kids safe, make sure that they have a GPS tracker device on them at all times. Have a talk when you arrive about where the front desk is located, and where kids should go for help if they become lost. By talking it over, both parents and kids can feel more confident when walking through the public spaces.

Safe Swimming

Many resorts have private beaches and swimming pools that are just for their guests to use, and they may or may not have lifeguards on duty. If there are no lifeguards, make sure that you stay with the children at all times. Kids should never be left unattended by the water. Monitor your children’s activities by the pool and at the beach, even if there are lifeguards on the property.

Many resorts and hotels offer the comfortable accommodations that vacationing families desire. Ensure that your stay is a great one by securing your room, keeping track of the kids, and staying safe by the water.