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The holidays are a time of joy, togetherness, and happiness. However, they also pose some dangers that can disrupt those happy times. Here’s some expert advice on how to make this holiday season a safe one for your family:

Keep cords out of the way

Extension cords for lights and decorations, as well as holiday light strands, can pose a trip hazard. Be sure to keep them up off of the floor in high traffic areas. Run cords along where the wall and the floor meet, and tape them down, if necessary. It’s also important to remember to unplug them at the end of each day.

Stay safe online

Shopping online is a great way to get gifts without heading out in the cold and dealing with the crowds. However, it is important to protect your personal information when shopping on the web. Only make purchases from reputable retailers who have security measures in place on their websites. Keep tabs on your credit card accounts, and check the statements regularly to ensure that no unusual charges appear.

Protect kids in busy public places

There are so many great holiday events and activities in many cities, and it’s wonderful to make memories with kids. Keep them safe and protect them in public places with a GPS tracker. If they get separated or lost, you will be able to see their location and find them quickly and easily. It gives parents and children peace of mind at the holidays.

Check the health of your holiday tree

If you purchase a real tree for your home to decorate, you will want to water it regularly and ensure that it’s green, fresh, and healthy. A tree that is drying out or appears to be dying is a dangerous one. It can become a fire hazard, so if your tree starts to look bad, it may be time to toss it out on the curb.

Keep kids out of the kitchen

When preparing big meals for holiday dinners, keep the little ones out of the kitchen. There are too many hot dishes, boiling pans, and items cooling off after baking that can burn little hands. Curious kids will be tempted to touch these hot things, so it’s best to keep them out of the kitchen, or at least away from the cooking area.