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How to Keep Tabs on Your Teen

By August 13, 2016Raising Teens

The teen years can be tough on both parents and kids. Teenagers are seeking more independence, while parents often struggle with letting go. Technology has made it much easier for parents to gain confidence in their kids while allowing them more freedom and responsibility. Here are some simple ways to keep tabs on your teen:

Insist on regular check-ins

Back before everyone had a cell phone in their pocket, people had to rely on pay phones and land lines to get in touch with others. Today, staying in touch is simple, so parents can simply insist on teens checking in with their location via text message or a quick call on their cell phone. Establish ground rules with teens so that they can go out with their friends, but they must check in to let you know when they arrive, who they are with, and when they will be heading home.

Use technology to your advantage

A GPS tracker is a great way to know your child’s location at any time. If you’ve given your teen permission to go to a certain place, you can check in with the GPS tracker to make sure that they’re actually within that specific area. It’s an easy way to have peace of mind while allowing kids more freedom.

Talk to your kids

One of the best ways to build trust with your teen is by actually talking to them, hearing them, and understanding them. As teens are developing more independence, they may start to distance themselves from the family. Take the time to work on your relationship with your teenager, and don’t give up when they try to keep you at arm’s length. Talk to them about school, their social life, and take an interest in their interests. Get to know their friends, and stay involved without being overbearing.

It’s not always easy to loosen the reigns and let teens explore the world around them, but it is necessary. Giving teens some freedom helps them to build confidence and earn their parent’s trust. BY using technology and putting simple rules in place, you can keep tabs on your teens and have peace of mind.