Single Use Breathalyzers for Breweries, Distilleries, Wineries & Storefronts

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✔ Coporate Branding Available
✔ Reliable & Accurate Results
✔ FDA Approved & TÜV Certified
✔ Safe to Use & Discreet to Carry
✔ No Set-Up Fees
✔ Receive $5 off your future
purchases by keeping the box

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Single Use Breathalyzer Kit box

Box sold seperately. our Single Use Breathalyzer Kit boxes are very sturdy with a waxed exterior to make them splash proof. Please keep your box for re- use as they are sold seperately at 5 dollars per box.

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Benefits of Offering Our

Single-Use Breathalyzers: 4$ Bulk Prices Available
• Offers peace of mind.
• Effective & Economic.
• No calibration necessary.
• Trendy & socially proactive solution.
• Small & discreet. It slips easily into a pocket or handbag.
• Easy to interpret: a different colour for each level of alcohol intoxication


1. I am worried about liability.
 Product is FDA registered. FDA doesn’t certify a product that doesn’t work.
 We sold over 30 million units so far worldwide and no lawsuit.
 Product is MADD endorsed. MADD would never support a product that is not working well. See
 US military has been using the product for 4 years now.
 We also have an insurance that covers just in case and that insurance covers you as well.
 Many governments make it mandatory to have 2 single use tester in their car like France.
2. I am worrying it will send a bad image offering breathalysers.
 Do you think MADD would support a product that sends a bad image or overdrinking? See
 Breathalysers are the perfect tool to convince a friend not to drive. Without a measurement tool, it
is difficult to convince someone not to drive.
 Many people think they can drive but in fact they can’t. As a speedometer to make sure you don’t
go over the legal limit, the same concept applies for drinking and driving. We need a breathalyser
to measure our blood alcohol level.
 Having a breathalyser test is just ethical and responsible.
3. If I offer a breathalyser, I will sell less beer or wine.
 We did a promotion with a brewery. They doubled their sales by offering a single-use tester with 12
bottles beer case.
 This added value made a difference. It is unique, innovative and creative.
4. Price
 The cost of being caught DUI is over $10,000 according to MADD Canada. This is over and above
criminal records, do you still have a job? Did you kill someone? A breathalyser is definitively a good
 Single-use breathalyser at 5 $ each are cheaper than a drink…
5. Accuracy
 Our product are FDA listed.
 MADD endorsed.
 Canadian manufacturer with over 350 employees in Toronto.
 Over 27 years experience.
 We supply governments, police, companies, etc.
 Well known retailers doing business with us since 2002. Drugstores, liquor stores, Best Buy, etc.


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