Because we want to be a part of your family, we understand we must care about your entire family, this is why Not Your Child Corp. has considered your teen’s safety as well.

We understand teens must have independence and most importantly trust to flourish as positive adults, so we have developed – cell phone downloadable- TrackNow Phone Software- that offer just the right amount of monitoring. Our TrackNow Phone Software is non-invasive and but discreetly lets them know they are loved and protected without feeling their privacy is being invaded.

Two of our cornerstone principles are safety and freedom, because of this, we never monitor your teen’s social media, texts or conversations like other popular apps out there. We believe we shouldn’t have to sacrifice a teens rights or privacy just to keep them safe and loved.

Our TrackNow Phone Software gives you peace of mind as they explore their world as a teen: (travelling, hanging out with friends, studying alone or driving). Regardless of where they are in the world; armed with our TrackNow Phone Software, your teens can send you S.O.S alerts if they are ever in danger or need help immediately – but cannot speak on the phone. Our TrackNow Phone Software allows you to see their cell phone battery level, how fast they are driving (which in itself will deter speeding), when they are in route to you and if they are entering or leaving a decided upon restricted area.

We know every stage of raising your family has its own unique safety challenges; Not Your Child, as the newest part of your family is prepared to help you with all of them. Ask about our TrackNow Phone Software! We are ready to help.

Track your child instantly!

Parents/ guardians, you can instantly track your child through your web-based account or conveniently on your smart phone via your Not Your Child Corp. mobile viewer. If your child is ever lost your Not Your Child subscription will help authorities track your missing child more effectively by way of G.P.S footprint.

The more you know is critical in keeping them safe. For TrackNow Phone Software click here now. For all other G.P.S orders click here now!