Enjoy Peace of Mind while they enjoy being kids
The Future of Child Safety

Every parents biggest concern is the safety of their children. Most parents agree the benefits of tracking children between ages 3 and 19 or children with special needs (e.g. autism) are irrefutable.

Not Your Child G.P.S allows you just the right amount of monitoring, you can set a variety of alerts to be delivered to your cell phone by S.M.S or via email; alerts including – but not limited to – S.O.S, Geo-fences, Landmarks, Speeding, Low battery, and Scheduling.

Our G.P.S is fully customizable on our easy to use platform. You have the control to adjust the type of alerts you receive from day to day, depending on your child’s schedule. You may even take us on your next family trip/ vacation to any of the over 103 countries listed below, and enjoy the same Not Your Child premium security without any extra costs to you!


“TrackNow” Phone Software

Do you have older kids that never seem to put their cell phones down? No problem!

We have an -easy to download- phone software that works on any iPhone, blackberry or android cell phone in any part of the world! Our “TrackNow” Phone Software offers you the same high tech tracking capabilities as our G.P.S device, but in an age appropriate non-invasive way

Being a parent is hard enough, and keeping up with our children’s activities is challenging but necessary. Not Your Child G.P.S. is an intelligent tool to be used by your whole family. Think of us as your little helper, a welcomed new addition to your family. Order now!