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4 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

By August 13, 2016 Holidays

For children of all ages, there’s nothing better than getting outside in the fresh air and playing. In today’s world, many parents are hesitant to let their little ones outside unattended, but it’s important for kids to have the chance to explore on their own. Just make sure that kids follow basic safety rules when they’re out and about in the neighborhood.  Here are 4 fun outdoor activities for kids:

Scavenger Hunt

Call it a scavenger hunt or a nature walk, but either way, it’s a chance for kids to explore and discover. Parents can set up a scavenger hunt by preparing a list of things for kids to find, such as pinecones, leaves, or even insects. Kids can then head outside with the list, and set off to find each item. Kids can also enjoy a simple nature walk, where they can stop to examine and explore different things.


Get the kids involved in the garden by allowing them to help plant, water, and weed. Not only is it fun for them to get a little dirty, but they also get to contribute, and they gain a sense of pride in helping to beautify the home and grow food.  Plus, parents can get some help with the tedious task of weeding.

Hide and Seek

Perfect for playing either indoors or outside, Hide and Seek is a game that can provide endless laughs. Adults and kids can get in on the fun by finding the perfect hiding spots. This is a great game for all ages, and it doesn’t come with any strict rules, so it’s easy to enjoy.


Tag is a classic game that doesn’t require any equipment or skills, making it easy for kids to play anytime, anywhere.  It’s a good way for children to get active outdoors.

Encourage your kids to get outside and do something fun. They should be able to explore and enjoy the area around their home with confidence. Whether it’s helping in the garden, exploring nature on a scavenger hunt, or just enjoying a simple and classic game with other kids in the neighborhood, these outdoor activities are sure to be a hit.