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Portable Breathalyzer Machines for Car

Not Your Child Corp. is a safety company dedicated to keeping your family safe while they travel on our roads. We have safety devices for your entire family including the world’s most reliable BrAC devices. Our high quality – industry standard breathalyzer machines protects families on our roads by giving them accurate Br.A.C readings, reducing the risk of them driving while inebriated.

For Businesses Corporate Events
We also have a range of solutions for businesses & corporate events that will grant companies peace of mind regarding employee and patron safety while driving home after a company hosted event. Please see notyourchild.com/corporate. Our devices are fully insured and have passed the highest industry tests to assure reliability. Offering our services at an event will provide protection to the host in the unfortunate event of a liability lawsuit. These are great for corporate events and will boost your corporate image as socially responsible and caring. We also offer the option to corporations to attend their events where alcohol is served. We attend the event with our industrial strength BrAC machine where our B.A.C technician administers unlimited tests discreetly to patrons and employees before them leaving the event. This is very engaging, educational and fun to patrons and will help businesses save money.

Breathalyzer in Your Car in Canada, the USA & Europe
Whether you have a young driver or other drivers in your family, our breathalyzers for your car interlock provides safety by preventing your car from starting if the driver’s BrAC is above the legal limit. The breathalyzer machine for your car can only be removed by a professional mechanic so you can rest assured the device will remain intact & effective. Give your loved ones the freedom they crave with the protection they deserve.

Portable Breathalyzer
We also offer several of the industry’s best breathalyzers in Canada, UK and the USA for personal use. These devices are portable, discreet and have the highest industry certifications and will give you peace of mind knowing that you may enjoy a celebration where alcohol is served and be armed with a tool that will accurately tell you your BrAC before you attempt to operate a vehicle.

Single-Use Breathalyzer
Our single-use breathalyzers are perfect for both personal and professional use. Individuals can use it to conveniently check their BrAC after events, fits discreetly in a pocket or purse and is no bgger than a small pen. Businesses also love adding these single use devices beside every plate setting at their events where alcohol Is served. We also offer branding of these single use devices in the artwork/branding of our business clients. See notyourchild.com/corporate.

Not Your Child Corp. is a Canadian company dedicated to road safety
We attend events where alcohol is served and make high quality breath testing equipment available for the use of attendees, helping them make more informed driving decisions.
We also sell electronic personal breath testers on our retail website and we wholesale single use breath testers to banquet facilities, restaurants, bars and pro shops in both NFC and private label branding.
We provide the industry’s most reliable single-use breathalyzers, so users can discreetly check their breath alcohol levels. This is a great tool for parents and young drivers that are active on the weekends. Buy portable breathalyzer today for your family’s safety.