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Did you know?

According to Impaired Driving Facts:

“Impaired is a daily occurrence: About 4 people are killed each day in crashes involving alcohol”


Who we are

Not Your Child Corp. is a Canadian company dedicated to road safety. We are Partners For Life with, Proud members of ORHMA, ILEA, M.P.I. Toronto,  and members of several board of trades in Ontario, Canada.


What we do

Our mission at Not Your Child Corp is to:

  • Normalize the use of breathalyzers in our society as smart & proactive safety tools!
  • Put an end to deaths & injuries caused by inebriated driving.
  • Ensure no host or parent suffers the guilt & consequences of enabling their child or patron to drive inebriated.


How we do it

We attend events where alcohol is served and make high quality breath testing equipment available for the use of attendees, helping them make more informed driving decisions.

We also sell electronic personal breath testers on our products page and we wholesale single use breath testers to banquet facilities, restaurants, bars and pro shops in both NFC and private label branding.



You may contact me directly with questions, concerns, and restocking requests.


Advisor: Strategy & Growth


Paul is a seasoned, senior executive and an angel investor in a number of industrial technologies in Ontario as well as President of STANMECH Technologies Inc., an engineering equipment company located in Burlington Ontario.
Paul also mentors the CEO’s of a number industrial technology companies throughout the Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton region and provides strategic advice and consulting services through Enhanced Performance Inc.

Paul is a graduate of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and is member of the Canadian Society for Senior Engineers.
Paul has spent the last 35 years in senior management and senior technical roles in both large and small industrial enterprises including companies such as General Motors and Canadian Occidental Petroleum.
Paul lives in Burlington and is a founding member and Secretary of the Angel One Network and sits on a number of Boards of private companies and selected community organizations

Advisor: Strategy & Growth


Julie Ellis is a notable executive and business coach. She provides her unique experience and expertise, gained through 25 years of working first in the corporate world, and then as a leading Canadian entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of award-winning Mabel’s Labels, one of Canada’s greatest small business success stories.

As a professionally certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (2020), Julie works directly with bold leaders propelling them to unlock their capacity, leading to accelerated success. Since starting her own coaching company, Julie Ellis and Co. in 2016, Julie has been advising and working directly with dozens of organizations.
Through Impact Coaches, Julie has been coaching Ontario partners for a leading professional services organization. She was enlisted as the Growth Mentor for female-founded companies in Beyond Boundaries, a program run by Haltech and funded by the Canadian government in their efforts to double the number of women-owned businesses in Canada by 2025.

She also spent 18 months as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Snuggle Bugz, a privately owned omni-channel retailer based in Burlington, Ontario. She has been advising entrepreneurs through the Hamilton-based Innovation Factory and Halton-based Haltech since 2019.
She is also Chair of the Board at Angel One Investment Network, one of the most active angel investor groups in Canada. A sought-after speaker and trainer, Julie has developed keynotes and workshops for private companies, corporations and associations, with titles such as “Ignite, Scale and Exit”, “Success Secrets of Wonder Women!” and “Why We All Need to Think Big!”.

Advisor: Financial & Accounting


Ishali and her team provide personalized and proactive tax & accounting services to ensure you are confident and moving forward, strategically.
They also specialize in providing industry-specific advice to companies and individuals in all segments of the real estate market.

IDM understands the audit, tax, and financing issues faced by the industry whether you are a residential land developer, a home builder, or a private investor seeking to diversify your portfolio. IDM Professional Corporation CPA offers premium services to their clients. That means prompt replies to your questions, year-round support for your tax and accounting needs, and the ability to ensure you are in compliance with key financial and accounting legislature on both sides of the Canada/US border. dealt with various tax concerns relating to real estate investing, cross-border taxes, corporate tax, personal tax, and many more.

They understand that tax can be overwhelming hence their top priority is to provide a seamless and positive experience for you.

IDM strives to obtain a deep understanding of what is important to you, your business, and your industry. They are focused on helping you realize your ambitions and empowering you to face the future with confidence.
Working with IDM means working with a team that cares deeply about your success and who has the drive and dedication to deliver results for you and your business.
They will always be there for you whenever you need help to see through the maze of information, to guide you in your decisions, and make sure you take advantage of every opportunity and maximize your income

Advisor: Patent & TM Advisor


Bhupinder Randhawa is a partner with Bereskin & Parr LLP. He is the leader of the firm’s Electrical & Computer Technology practice group, and co-leader of the Artificial Intelligence practice group. Bhupinder’s practice focuses on patent and technology law, particularly obtaining and leveraging intellectual property rights for technology clients.

He has prepared and filed patent applications relating to artificial intelligence, quantum computing, neural networks, telecommunication systems, wireless communication, controls systems, electronic circuits for various applications, digital signal processing, optics, robotics, power systems and power electronics, computer networks, integrated circuits, computer software, business methods and other technologies. Bhupinder also helps clients with IP transactions and monetization. He has helped clients develop licensing and sale strategies to maximize value. He also advises clients and other lawyers on IP aspects of commercial transactions.

He serves on several client’s advisory teams, ensuring that management is apprised of key IP issues. As part of his IP management practice, Bhupinder helps clients leverage their technology by developing and analyzing competitive intelligence related to their own and their competitors’ IP portfolios.
This information can be used to identify opportunities to block their competitor’s technologies, license technology in or out, and to manage risks associated with third party IP rights. Prior to attending law school, Bhupinder worked as a software engineer for several major Canadian and international companies developing computer-based control and automation systems.

Advisor: Legal Council


Hugh is a seasoned lawyer and executive with years of experience in life and health insurance regulation, capital accumulation plans and pension de-risking. He has indepth knowledge of both business strategy and implementation and has frequent interaction with federal and provincial regulators and policymakers.
His expertise includes business strategy and implementation, mergers & acquisitions as well as pension de-risking including liability driven investing, annuity buy-in/buy-out, and longevity insurance.
He also has experience with assumption reinsurance, reinsurance with offshore captives, referral arrangements, and strategic partnerships with fintechs.
Hugh is known by his clients as being a great listener, having good business judgement, and being a clear and concise communicator.
He is empathetic, an experienced leader, and knows how to balance risk and reward. Hugh appreciates Caravel’s diverse clientele and the flexibility he has to control his practice.

Queens University (LL.B.) 1988
McMaster University (B.Comm/B.A.) 1985

Advisor: Legal


Ebony has a demonstrated history of working in national and international firms in
the areas of corporate and tax law. Her well-organized and strong communication
skills prove to be effective assets when assisting clients. Ebony has extensive
• Assisting with corporate registrations, reorganizations and transactional work.
• Managing corporate records, compliance and corporate services.
• Assisting firms and clients in the implementation of corporate software
solutions and digitization of corporate records.

Ebony is well positioned to aid our corporate/transactional practice groups in
British Columbia and Alberta, as well as our lawyers in Ontario with the
implantation of internal technologies. Ebony is ready to support lawyers and
clients with any corporate clerk needs.
In her spare time, Ebony enjoys nature and travelling and can usually be found
spending quality time with family, friends and her two French bulldogs Luna
and Neo.