App Features

The Not Your Child multi-language support mobile app comes packed with tools that give you the freedom to customize your tracking experience anytime for any of your Not Your Child devices or “TrackNow” Phone Software. This means you can choose alerts specific to your child’s activities /needs from day to day. We have teamed up with mapping specialist using paid Google enterprise key which means additional layers (traffic, weather, etc.), P.O.I (Point Of Interest), landmarks, and reverse geo coding data are easily be imported and displayed.

Here are some of our features and tools:

·         Geofence speed ·         Geofence time in and out
·         P.O.I (Point Of Interest) access alert ·         Route
·         Route geo fence speed ·         Unauthorized use
·         Display progress on track ·         Export map, data
·         Print data/map view ·         Ave map view
·         Show all geofences created – for each device ·         Show P.O.I (Point Of Interest) for all devices
·         Temperature of device ·         Battery life
·         Status of child: (idle, moving, stopped, speed altitude, direction of movement) ·         History pop up
·         Excessive speed ·         Landmarks / P.O.I (Point Of Interest) landmarks.
·         Landmark status.
·         Landmark types.
·         Import landmarks.
Create landmark from position.



·         Activity summary report. ·         Alerts report.
·         After hours report. ·         Approximate mileage report.
·         Detailed activity report. ·         Detailed tracking report.
·         Activity report. ·         History report.
·         Geofence entry/exit report. ·         Idle report.
·         Landmark status report. ·         Landmark type visit report.
·         Landmark entry and exit report. ·         Speeding report.
·         Start/stop summary report. ·         Trip report.
·         User login report. ·         Scheduling.
·         Stop alert. ·         After hours activity.
·         Excessive speeding. ·         Excessive idling.
·         Low battery. ·         Landmark arriving/leaving.
·         Panic button.

The app has customizable alert features you can choose from to optimize your experience such as: email delivery, S.M.S delivery, in platform notifications, multiple recipients, required response feature, optional response feature.

  • Speed
  • Direction


The platform gives you the option to show only alerts or specific alerts. You may archive results for 90 days, merge sessions, print history, export history and show pop ups from history.

You may add multiple emergency contacts in our security tool where you can create new users (give access to your Not Your Child platform) to a babysitter, care taker or family member!

Integrated mapping solution: using our Google map tools you can view by Google street view, traffic and even satellite imagery

Share live tracker link tool: here you can share the location of your child immediately with a caretaker without giving them actual access to your account.

Reverse geocode tools: this is a translator of data. It translates latitude and longitude to an address you can read!

E.g.: (34.799374, -87.714844) = 1234 business lane, Naples FL 34142 U.S.A.

Reverse geocode position by P.O.I (Point Of Interest): here, you can use reverse geocoding by landmarks and P.O.I (Point Of Interests)

Reverse geocode by position: you may also use reverse geocoding by position.

Geofence tools:

A geofence is a virtual fence that you can set up in various shapes to find out when your child goes in or out of the selected area.

With our geo fences you have the freedom to create different types of geofences:

·         Circle ·         Polygon
·         Route ·         Nested geofences
·         Geofence resizing ·         Geofence creation preview
·         Overlapping geofences ·         Geofence actions
·         Geofence idle alert ·         Geofence speeding
·         Geofence time in ·         Geofence time out
·         Route geofence ·         Route geofence speed

Route tools

With our routing tool you can search for directions by clicking on the map or by typing in the address. You can also find closest item, find closest item by distance. And get turn-by-turn directions to your loved one if they are ever lost.

Unit history copy tool: gives you the option of copying the entire location history of any and all your devices.

Browser solutions

  • Microsoft Internet explorer supported
  • Google chrome supported
  • Mozilla Firefox supported
  • Apple safari supported
  • Mobile web viewer Supported

With our platform you can also generate reports, here are a few:

  • Alert reports
    For example a geofence exceptions report
    Displays information based on rules created within each geofence.
  • Speed exception report
    This report displays sessions that generated speed alerts, within a given date range. Use this report to view a snapshot of any device.
  • Landmark type visit report
    This display available landmarks type visited within a given date range.
  • P.O.I (Point Of Interest) entry & exit report
    Displays P.O.I (Point Of Interest) of interest (P.O.I (Point Of Interest)) entry and exit information. Use this report to easily identify the location of your device as they trigger pre-defined P.O.I (Point Of Interest).
  • Security reports
    User login history report
    Displays the history of the user logins on the platform. Use this report to monitor user system activity.
  • Tracking reports
    Detailed activity report
    Displays a complete overview of all activity for the specified devices. Use this report for a fully detailed report of all valid positions.
  • Device detail tracking report
    Displays a complete overview of all tracking for the specified devices. Use this report for a condensed positional history.