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Back to School Safety Tips

By August 13, 2016 Safety tips

Summer is winding down, the weather is cooling off, and school supplies are in stock at every store. As another school year begins, it’s the perfect time to review some basic safety tips that will give kids and parents peace of mind:

Know the bus number and bus stop location

If your child is assigned to a bus, make sure that they know their bus number and that they become familiar with the driver. This will help ensure that they get on the right bus, both in the morning and after school. They should also know the location where the bus will be waiting to pick them up before and after school.

Be aware of traffic

Whether crossing a busy road or just running across the street to catch the bus, kids need to be fully aware of the traffic around them. Get to the bus stop on time to avoid rushing and running down the street, and always look both ways twice before crossing. Awareness of surroundings is the key to staying safe.

Don’t run between parked cars

Kids should understand the danger of darting between parked vehicles. It’s an easy way for motorists to not see a pedestrian, and in many cases, drivers simply won’t be able to react in time. Always cross the road at crosswalks and traffic lights, and preferably with the assistance of a crossing guard.

Don’t stop for strangers

Parents have to make their children aware of the potential dangers of stopping and speaking with a stranger. It’s especially important that a child walking to or from school does not stop for anyone who approaches them, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle. It’s best for kids to walk in groups, or with a buddy.

Have a family emergency plan in place

Families should have an emergency plan in place that all members are aware of. This should include where to meet up in case of an emergency, who to contact, and what to do in certain situations. If a child has their own cell phone, make sure that they have contact information for trusted friends and family members.