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Scott Marshall has spent over 30 years promoting road safety in many jurisdictions. He has been a road safety journalist since 2005. Scott was also an on-air judge on the Discovery Network’s Canada’s Worst Driver during their first 3 seasons on the air. Not YourChildCorp. is proud to have Scott @Safedriver as a frequent contributor, his insights are irreplaceable.

Today in our #Tuesdayblog: The Outdoor Socializing Season Has Begun

The Outdoor Socializing Season Has Begun! I think the moment we can shed the winter coat and the snow melts; we begin to spend more time outside. We clean up the patio or deck, pull out the outdoor furniture and clean the BBQ. It’s time to socialize outdoors. Just take a deep breath of all […]

Today in our #Tuesdayblog

It’s All About Protection I grew up in an era when seat belts weren’t always used. But as time went on, they were used more and more and the shoulder strap also became the norm. I also grew up when helmets on bicycles were non-existent. Those too became normal for many people, including adults, not […]

Today In Our #TuesdayBlog: It’s all about protection.

It’s all about protection I grew up in an era when seat belts weren’t always used. But as time went on, they were used more and more and the shoulder strap also became the norm. I also grew up when helmets on bicycles were non-existent. Those too became normal for many people, including adults, not […]

Today In our Tuesday Blog

Being A Good Role Model Starts Early As parents, we spend so much of our time raising our kids to do the right things. We instill good study habits in school, and we teach them manners and to be respectful of others. We set up rules they need to follow while living under our supervision […]

Today in our #TuesdayBlog:

The Freedoms You Have   Being involved in driver training for decades, I would often ask new drivers of different ages why they wanted their driver’s licenses. A big “I want freedom” was the common answer. Yes, getting a driver’s license was indeed freedom, but not the kind of freedom they were thinking of. Yes, […]

Today In Our #TuesdayBlog: “Times Have Changed”

Times Have Changed It seems we’re back to doing social activities in public again. Hanging out with friends can be a lot of fun. Perhaps even a few unplanned activities come to happen at the spur of the moment. Are you ready for it? Yes, you may have the money to go out, but is […]

Food Really Helps.

Food Really Helps. For as long as I can remember, there have been suggestions people can use to help them safely deal with alcohol impairment. Other than not consuming alcohol at all, there are other ways to reduce the amount of alcohol entering your bloodstream. One such way is eating food before drinking. Now, it […]

Changing Habits Can Be A Good Thing

Changing Habits Can Be A Good Thing.   We all have habits, some of which are good habits and some of which are bad habits. Whatever we do on a regular basis seems to turn into a habit. By definition, a habit is described as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that […]

Today In Our Tuesday Blog: After A Holiday Weekend Of Fun

After a Holiday Weekend of Fun.       Drinking and driving becomes a huge problem during many holiday weekends. With many people visiting family and friends over this period of time, drinking is a common factor for weekend gatherings and almost always, people tend to forget they are in no condition to get behind […]

Today In Our Tuesday Blog: Are you a team player.

Are you a team player?                                   Growing up, I was involved with a variety of team sports. I enjoyed playing them and today I still enjoy watching them and being part of them as much as possible. I especially […]

Today In Our Tuesday Blog: Regardless Of The Reason

Regardless Of The Reason…   Growing up, my dad always said that if you didn’t have a good reason to do something, don’t do it. Pretty valuable statement if you ask me. It seemed to help me analyze what my options were before doing something. When it comes to consuming alcohol, do you have a […]

Today In Our Tuesday Blog: What Scares You?

What Scares You? Speaking with a group of people recently about what scares them or what fears they may have. I did hear a variety of answers, but most never really surprised me. Some feared death, some feared financial hardship, and some feared loneliness. And yes, some feared spiders, but that may be for a […]

Today in our Tuesday Blog: Even The Short Trips Matter.

Even The Short Trips Matter. So, here’s the scenario. You were out drinking and having a good time. You only have a 5-minute drive home. You can even take the back streets so no one will really notice. It’s only a 5-minute drive, so no big deal, right? Wrong. It doesn’t take very long for […]

Tuesday Blog: Gaining Knowledge

Gaining knowledge.       Let me get right to the point. The facts remain that drinking and driving can result in serious injuries, fatalities, damage to property and heavy legal consequences. Protecting yourself from the risks of drinking and driving is strongly to your advantage. But you probably already know this. I would have […]

Why wait until you are pulled over to know your BrAC?

Why wait until you’re pulled over to know your BRaC? I’m pretty sure no one really expects it, but it can seem intimidating being pulled over by the police in a RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) program or roadside stop/check program as the police are looking for impaired drivers. Some may even feel nervous although […]

Today in our Tuesday Blog: Safety features.

Safety features. When we think of safety features in our vehicle, it’s usually seat belts and airbags that come to mind. We also have sensors on our modern vehicles which help to identify risks we face while driving to warn us of trouble. We need those safety features to help us survive our daily drive, […]

The Morning After.

The Morning After.     You know how some mornings after a lot to drink the night before you may not be feeling just right? We tend to put that on the fact that it’s just a hangover. After all, it couldn’t be anything else, right? What is a hangover anyway?   A hangover essentially is […]

Are you part of the solution?

Are you part of the solution? Whenever you come across a problem, you automatically determine what kind of solution is required to solve this problem. We sometimes get frustrated with the problem, but we often feel better or relieved when the solution was put in place and we can continue along with our lives. Sound […]

Drinking & Boating… The need to know.

Drinking and boating…the need to know.         Taking time out of our busy schedules to relax and enjoy ourselves is important in each of our lives. Alcohol seems to make it into our social activities, mostly planned but sometimes not planned ahead of time. As many of us realize, drinking and driving […]

Public intoxication is a thing, and not a good thing

Public intoxication is a thing, and not a good thing.       There are many things we do in the comfort of our own homes. It’s private and in many ways, it’s more comfortable. Socializing with family and friends is something many of us do. How hard we socialize is up to each individual, […]

Just the facts, please.

Just the facts, please.     Teaching people to drive for over 34 years has taught me many things, most of which are good. I learned that giving out facts was a good thing and that hiding my students from the harsher facts was not in their best interest. Showing them news articles of what’s […]

We Do Have A Choice.

We do have a choice     We’re very fortunate to have many choices in our lives. For the most part, we have a choice of where we live, where we want to go to school, where we would like to work, who our friends are, and how we want to spend our lives. When […]

The things we do, it’s no accident

The things we do, it’s no accident.       The purpose of my writing is to always get people to think. To think about themselves and their actions when behind the wheel.  Most of the actions someone takes behind the wheel was something they decided to do. It became a conscience decision. So, when […]

How reliable are you?

How reliable are you?     There really are things in our lives that we need to be reliable. It helps to give us peace of mind within our daily lives. We tend to rely on family, close friends and our co-workers to get us through tough times or even the daily grind. It’s really […]

The Art Of Gift Giving

The Art Of Gift Giving     If you really think about it, any time of the year is a time for gift giving. It doesn’t always have to be for special holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. It could be just what the person needs to lift their spirits over a tough time. I’m sure we’ve […]

Friends helping friends!

Friends helping friends.       As long as I can remember, impaired driving has been brought to the attention of so many people in a formal educational setting. We learned growing up that not only was impaired driving frowned upon, but it is also illegal and dangerous. It would cost so many lives each […]

The Truth About Hangovers.

The Truth About Hangovers.   Taking the opportunity to enjoy time spent with family and friends may mean enjoying a few alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, that one drink may lead to one more, two more, or more. The responsible person knows they need to head home in a safe and legal manner. And many do, but […]

Are There Health Benefits in Wine?

Are There Health Benefits in Wine? It’s often said that we should always be concerned regarding our health. Exercise and healthy eating should always be on our minds. It’s also been said that drinking wine can be healthy for many people. Who knew! However, there are a few things we should know before we overindulge […]

It’s Time For “The Talk”.

It’s Time For “The Talk”       It’s time for that talk with your teens. The talk is often dreaded by teens and parents alike. No, it’s not the talk you may be thinking about. I’m referring to the talk about drinking and driving. It truly is a talk parents need to have with their […]

Breathalyzers Are The New Normal

Breathalyzers Are the New Normal   The more we continue to do things, the more they become a habit. We know that. Repetition is a big part of making something new into a habit. It becomes the “new normal”, so to speak. This is often the case when new driving laws come into place or […]

Sometimes We Need Reminders

Sometimes We Need Reminders.     We’ll often write things down so we don’t forget what we need to do. Sometimes family members will remind us as well. It’s a good thing to have reminders every now and then. Road safety is a big part of having reminders given to us. We get so wrapped […]

Reflecting On The Past.

Reflecting On The Past Sometimes, we need to reflect on the past. It doesn’t always have to happen at the start of the new calendar year, but that’s often when it happens. It can happen any time of the year. It can happen as a new season of the year takes place or after a […]

Nothing Justifies Impaired Driving.

Nothing Justifies Impaired Driving.     Nothing can justify drunk driving. It is no longer socially acceptable or cool to drive after being heavily consumed with alcohol. Actually, it never was. Today, roughly 98% of the population denounces this type of action, but it still happens. It would be interesting to know why some drivers decide to […]

Drinking and Driving: Myth or Fact

Drinking and Driving: Myth or Fact     How did we get to a point where we stand by what we believe? Was it based on the fact we get our beliefs from family or friends or do we research topics in order to get the facts? Getting facts broadens our minds and allows us […]

Breathalyzers Are The New Normal.

Breathalyzers Are the New Normal.   The more we continue to do things, the more they become a habit. We know that. Repetition is a big part of making something new into a habit. It becomes the “new normal”, so to speak. This is often the case when new driving laws come into place or […]

‘Tis The Season.

Reducing Risks at a House Party.     Going to a party? We all love a good party. Everyone’s laughing and having a good time. There are often a lot of food to snack on and plenty of drinks to be had by everyone. It’s a chance to meet up with old friends, possibly meet […]

Improving Your Company’s “Socially Proactive” Image

Improving Your Company’s Social Image   It seems that companies are getting their employees back to their businesses again these days as the economy seems to be picking back up again. It’s gotten to the point where businesses are rewarding their employees for sticking it out with them by adding or increasing their social activities. […]

Expecting the unexpected.

Expecting the Unexpected.   Sometimes things happen when you weren’t expecting them. You try to be careful yet the unexpected can happen. This was recently the case for my daughter who happened to be driving alone recently. She came across a RIDE program and something unexpected happened. Something she never thought would happen to her. […]

Males vs. Females?

Males and Females Versus Alcohol. Regardless of the reason people drink alcohol, there’s no question it can have an effect on us in ways we may not fully understand. Having the occasional alcoholic drink usually does not affect us the same way as someone who may drink the same amount. With that in mind, does […]

Another relevant and hot topic piece from our writer and road safety expert Scott Marshall!

Back to Business at Social Functions     We’ve spent so much time inside our homes, staying to ourselves as of late that getting back out socializing with others – live and in person – can seem foreign to some of us. Being out in public at social events can become exciting and fun since […]

Enjoy the barbeque, however…

Enjoy the barbeque, however…     It’s no secret when the weather warms up, outdoor socializing ramps up. Having the backyard barbeque is something so many people indulge in over the spring, summer and even fall months. It’s such a great way to unwind after a busy week of work or school. But where do […]

How We feel is Not Really How We Feel

How We feel is Not Really How We Feel     Generally speaking, we often know how we feel, although it may be difficult to express it clearly. We often come across someone who claims to know how we feel. You know what I mean. You explain to someone what’s happening and they say “I […]

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.   In a perfect world, we would have the ability to go back in time after we either made a decision we later regretted. We all make mistakes, but if we could limit the mistakes to something less important or less serious, all would be good. But that’s […]

Excuses never work!

Excuses Never Work. Without polling the entire population, I’m certain there’s a high majority of people who have made up excuses every now and then as to why they did something which, in many eyes, was not ideal. We do this as excuses often placed the blame on something or someone other than you. The […]

Virtual Drinking

Virtual Drinking Although we’re currently in a pandemic, it hasn’t stopped family and friends from socializing – virtually. Getting together to share a laugh, a cry or a story still seems to happen, even though we can’t always get together in the flesh. This togetherness is good for our mental wellbeing and to keep us […]

Thanks to our #roadsafety expert & writer @safedriver for another life saving article.

After a Holiday Weekend of Fun.   Drinking and driving becomes a huge problem during many holiday weekends. With many people visiting family and friends over this period of time, drinking is a common factor for weekend gatherings and almost always, people tend to forget they are in no condition to get behind the wheel […]

Young Person Impairment

Young Person Impairment   There’s an old saying; “it’s tougher to argue with yourself than it is with anyone else.” We tend to do what we believe in, not always what we’ve been told. The best way to have someone believe in something is to experiment it themselves and make their own opinion on it. […]

The Cost

The Cost Trying to find something to do that doesn’t cost much can be tricky sometimes. Even socializing with friends or family can be costly when it doesn’t really need to be. As a young person, I had friends who would not venture out with us unless they had a minimum amount of money on […]

It’s not you it’s me

  It’s not you it’s me   Remember the times in your life when a disagreement would happen between you and someone else. Perhaps you may remember someone saying “it’s not you, it’s me”? Sometimes that really was the case, but other times it was not. When it comes to impairment, sometimes it can actually […]

Creekside Estate Winery

Creekside Estate Winery   If you’re an Ontario red wine fan you have most likely heard of Creekside, who have made a name for themselves for a blend of red grapes called “Laura’s Red” it’s as much a staple and as iconic in Ontario winemaking as Trius’s Red … and as consistently good. But Creekside […]

How Much

How Much Over the years I’ve often heard people saying after consuming alcohol, “it’s ok, I’ve only had a few.” A few is still a few too many if they plan to drive. And really, how much is a few anyway? It’s no secret that any amount of alcohol you drink can affect you in […]

Thank you @thesafedriver for our article today

For those who decide to drink and then drive, they often confuse themselves with their condition. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake after drinking to say; “they aren’t drunk” and continue to get into their vehicle and drive away. You don’t have to be drunk to have a negative effect on you and society because […]

Thank you @thesafedriver for our article today on #safedriving & #peerpressure

Peer pressure is something many of us faced while growing up. It’s mostly related to young kids and teens and feeling the pressure to do something they never really wanted to do. The little voice inside their head would often tell them it was wrong, dangerous or they were just afraid to do it. However, […]


“Ontario (VQA) wines; born through the perfect marriage of cool temperature, fertile soil, sun & rain are a Canadian national treasure. Therefore; coupled with expertise, hard work & craftsmanship it is no mystery that Ontario wineries are the producers of some of the best cool-climate wines around the globe. Learn about our Ontario wineries here, as well as some of the world’s most creative, elegant & lively wines which they produce.”  –  Julia Matthews

Today we feature Sue Anne Staff Winery.

Sue-Ann Staff   In 2008, after working for other wineries, Sue-Ann Staff hung out her own shingle with her eponymously named winery: Sue-Ann Staff Winery (Staff Winery for short). “After making wine with two other wineries in Niagara and a formal education in oenology from the University of Adelaide, the time was right.” says Sue-Ann.  […]

Today We Highlight Henry Of Pelham!

Henry of Pelham   What can one say about Henry of Pelham that has not been said before? Truly a story of Canadian ingenuity and stick-to-itiveness. Their crowning achievement has been to turn a lowly hybrid grape into their own cottage industry and elevated it to be the grape people talk about, especially when they […]

Today We Highlight The Two Sisters Winery

Two Sisters Vineyards     Perhaps you have heard of Two Sisters Vineyards; if you have ever visited Peller Estates, you’ve undoubtedly seen their property and said “what’s that?”. Or maybe you have heard of the on-site restaurant, Kitchen 76, with its playful rabbit-on-a-bike logo. Or maybe, you heard they were awarded “best, performing small […]

Today We Feature The KEW Vineyards

KEW Vineyards – It’s Really About the Bubbles  When you ask those in the know about sparkling wine in Niagara dash – or later the subject turns to KEW Vineyards – who have made sparkling a mainstay on, and the hallmark of, their portfolio.   The winery opened in 2013 (though their first vintage was […]

Today We Feature the 13th Street Winery

13th Street Winery – The Original Cult Winery For those not in the know, 13th Street was Ontario’s original “cult winery”. I remember years ago driving down to Niagara on a Saturday morning, because I had received word that 13th Street was having one of their bi-annual open houses, which they held on one weekend […]

Today We Feature the Konzelmann Estate Winery.

The story of Konzelmann is not a unique one for a new world winery, but it is an interesting one – I was enthralled at the narrative the first time I heard/read it, let’s see if you are too.    In a nutshell, here’s how Herbert Konzelmann, a fourth-generation winemaker, ends up in Canada’s Niagara-on-the-Lake […]

Today in “Highlighting Our Ontario Wineries” series, we get to learn more about the Riverview Estate Winery!

Riverview Cellars Winery   There are times you realize that the Niagara wine community is just one big family, and sometimes that’s taken to a literal extreme, especially when it comes to a winery such as Riverview – owned by another part of the Pillitteri family. Riverview sits on a piece of land owned by […]

Discover the Vineyard with Earl & Phylis at The Colaneri Estate Winery!

Love, family history & expertise are pressed into every bottle.  The craftsmanship of Colaneri wines is evident in every sip. The family history, the love of their craft (passed down through generations) their love of wine, and being of service to others garners respect & customer loyalty from their patrons, my company included. This past […]

Today we feature the ICellars Winery. Learn about them here. Cheers!

iCellars With a name like iCellars many people expect this winery to specialize in icewine – but aren’t they surprised when they walk in the door and find out they are one of Niagara’s premier wineries for big, heavy, premium rich reds … Which is exactly the way owner Adnan Icel wants it. Started as […]

Today we feature The Marynissen Estate Winery! Right in time for your next visit!

Marynissen. Marynissen is one of those old school names in the Ontario wine industry. The winery was founded in 1991 by viticulture pioneer John Marynissen who moved to Canada with his wife Adrianna (aka “Nanny”) from the Netherlands in 1952. They quickly became landowners in Niagara, purchasing Lot 31 in 1953. “Lot 31 was home […]

Today we feature The Good Earth Estate Winery! Right on time for your next visit.

Good Earth.     What is the Good Earth Wine Company, which was established in 2010 with its first vintage being 2008? Well let’s start here: the Good Earth Wine Company is the brainchild of Nicolette Novak who opened the doors of the Good Earth Cooking School and Food Company in 1998 “as a unique […]

Today we feature The Colaneri Estate Winery. Cheers!

Colaneri Estate Winery. One of Ontario’s next wave of wineries, they came on the scene in 2010; but the family’s history in the wine world goes back a little further than that. Their vineyard has actually been in the family since 1980, when it was purchased by family members Joseph and Maria and their two […]

Today we feature The Strewn Winery!

These days the story of Strewn can be found mostly in Prince Edward County where a home winemaker has that dream of doing something bigger, but back in 1989 it was the path of many of Niagara’s future winery owners and winemakers. Joe Will, president and founding winemaker, “had been a longtime amateur winemaker in […]

Today we feature The Reif Estate Winery! Cheers friends!

Reif Estate Winery As one of the pioneering wineries in Niagara, Reif has a long history of both grape growing and wine making – but the family goes back even further in its original country of Germany. Reif was established as a winery in 1982 … Original vineyard owner, Ewald Reif, had been growing “premium […]

Today we feature the Beautiful Flat Rock Cellars Winery! @flatrockcellars

Flat Rock is a winery that boasts a lot of firsts in Ontario: be it their “state of the art gravity-flow facility, being the first in Ontario to commit to 100% screw cap closures, or being the first in the country to close traditional method sparkling under crown cap,” says owner Ed Madronich. “The drive […]

Ferox by Fabian Reis

Ferox by Fabian Reis Seems only appropriate to start this new column off with a “new” winery … Today I’ll be looking at Ferox – a new winery that took root on an already established plot of land. The Ferox winery, owned by Fabian Reis, is situated on the old Rancourt Winery property, once owned […]

Today we feature The Pondview Estate Winery. Cheers!

Today we feature The Pondview Estate Winery. Cheers! “Looks like my work in the vineyard paired with Fred’s expertise is working,” says Lou Puglisi with a smile. Lou is the owner and grower at Pondview Estate which has been growing grapes since 1974. He is referring to himself and his winemaker Fred DiProfio.    Lou […]

Today we feature the Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery. Cheers!

Ravine Vineyard. Not often do you hear about a winery starting up to stop something else, but that seems to be one of the driving factors for the start of Ravine Vineyard, according to Paul Harber (proprietor) whose family has owned the land since 1867: “The decision was made to create a winery to keep […]

Today we feature the Lakeview Wine Company & Winery, Cheers!

  The story of The Lakeview Wine Company begins with a 13-acre vineyard turned winery on the Beamsville Bench started by Eddie Gurinska and his wife Lorraine, as a retirement project, back in 1986. “Back then they planted hybrid varieties like Baco Noir and Vidal, expanding 3 years later into planting vinifera varieties like Cabernet […]

Today we feature The Beautiful Featherstone Winery!

  “There was a time in 2003,” reports Louise Engel – half of the ownership husband and wife team at Featherstone, “just after David was named the 2003 Grape King, and Featherstone was designated Vineyard of the Year that we had to refer to him as Your Majesty. But that’s all behind us now – […]

Today we feature The Konzelmann Estate Winery. Cheers!

The story of Konzelmann is not a unique one for a new world winery, but it is an interesting one – I was enthralled at the narrative the first time I heard / read it, let’s see if you are too.    In a nutshell, here’s how Herbert Konzelmann, a fourth generation winemaker, ends up […]


“There is a reason we say “Good things grow in Ontario” Agriculturally long summer sunlit days and cold winters are excellent conditions for growing the ingredients that go into crafting excellent beer. If you would like to learn about Ontarios’ rich beer culture as well as enjoy fresh and tasty beer the best way is to visit and buy from our Ontario breweries. This blog highlights our Ontario beer, the genius that goes into every pint and the hard-working men and women in the breweries behind them.” – Julia Matthews

Today in our Tuesday Blog: The Beer That Was: 2023 Beer Trend Predictions

The Beer That Was: 2023 Beer Trend Predictions   Happy 2023, everyone! Here’s hoping that you all rang in the new year with plenty of style, plenty of fun, and plenty of Not Your Child Corp. breathalyzers to make sure everyone stayed safe!   As we get used to writing the date and recover from the […]

Today We Highlight Newark Brewing!

Today We Feature Newark Brewing Co.       One of the things that’s so rewarding about getting to know the breweries of the province is when you get to see one go from an idea to it’s own bricks and mortar location. And even better when they set out to be an active member […]

We Talk with Dan Grant From Bossanova Wine & Beer.

We Talk with Dan Grant From Bossanova Wine & Beer.     During our travels of the fantastic world of beer (with Not Your Child Co. breathalysers at hand just in case), we’ve encountered so many friendly faces, but easily one of the friendliest is Dan Grant, an award-winning beer personality, writer, runner, and co-owner […]

Today We Feature The Wellington Brewery!

Today We Feature Wellington Brewery     The area around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph can often feel like its own microcosm at times, a universe all on its own whose craft beer scene grew and thrived without the interference of Toronto hipsters. This is a good thing as it shows that breweries can effectively […]

Today In Our “Getting To Know Our Breweries” Edition

We Talk With Erin Broadfoot From Little Beasts Brewing Co.   The best thing about stopping off at a place for a beer (with a Not Your Child Co. breathalyser at the ready in our pocket or bag) is getting to talk to the people who make it all the while trying to make the […]

Today We feature The Spearhead Brewing Co!

Today We Feature Spearhead Brewing Co.!    Now that we are well into a new year we are taking that energy to try some wonderful new beers! If there’s one thing we’re looking forward to in 2022 it’s hitting the road once again to explore some of the amazing breweries this province has to offer […]

Today In Our “Getting To Know Our Breweries” edition, we feature Beer Diversity

We Talk With Ren Navarro   As we travel around Ontario exploring the best breweries this province has to offer (with some of our handy Not Your Child Corp. breathalysers, of course!) It’s important to note the wonderful changes that have been happening to make the beer world a more welcoming place and to celebrate […]


Well, the snow is here, so I guess it’s safe to say that we’re officially in winter! And that means that the holidays are just around the corner.   With the rise of craft breweries in the world, beer has become so diverse in selection that it can be a wonderful gift for someone who […]

Today we feature the New Ontario Brewing!

Today We Feature New Ontario Brewing Co.   While writing for the Ontario Craft Beer Guide in the fall of 2015, I visited the breweries of Northern Ontario. New Ontario Brewing Co., located all the way up in North Bay, was the first one I visited and to say that I was excited about it […]

Today we feature The Muskoka Brewery.

Today We Feature Muskoka Brewery       I don’t know about you, but as we’re all nearing the end of summer I’m hoping to get into the #LetsLoveCanada spirit by taking as much vacation time as I can before Old Man Winter arrives. While I usually call Toronto my home, a constant love of […]

Today We Feature People’s Pint Brewing Co.

Today We Feature People’s Pint Brewing Co.     Something I like talking about, as you’ve probably seen from this column, is the subject of what some of the best breweries in Ontario are. But one of the elements that plays into that answer is who are some of the nicest brewery owners in Ontario. […]

Today we feature the Godspeed Brewery – Just in time for you to visit!

Today We Feature Godspeed Brewery! By Robin LeBlanc   Godspeed Brewery, located on the intersections of Coxwell and Gerrard in Toronto’s east end, is a neighbourhood bar with an international reputation, helmed by a brewer who instills a lifetime of struggle and love into his beers with unparalleled skill.   Located on the intersections of […]

Today We Feature MERIT Brewing!

Today We Feature MERIT Brewing! By Robin LeBlanc Like everyone else around here I’ve been feeling rather stuck at home and longing to travel. And while there are, of course, dreams of going to other countries (possibly to a nice warm beach somewhere), I’d settle with a small road trip within Ontario. Specifically the city […]

Today we feature The Muddy York Brewing Company! Cheers!

Today We Feature Muddy York Brewing Co. By Robin LeBlanc    Back when the city of Toronto was known as York, a settlement with only a few houses scattered around the Don River, the area had a few nicknames largely used to make fun of it when compared to the English city where its name […]

Sawdust City Brewing Co.

  Nearly a two hour drive north of Toronto lies the town of Gravenhurst, Ontario. Known as the gateway to Muskoka, it has both an interesting history and incredibly breathtaking views down every road. Back when mills and lumber yards lined the shores of Lake Muskoka in Gravenhurst, the town was given the nickname “Sawdust […]

Today we feature the Little Beasts Brewing Company. Cheers!

Little Beasts Brewing Co. By Robin LeBlanc   One of the things I love so much about the rise of craft beer here in Ontario is that it’s not just limited to the big cities and you can find a brewery literally anywhere. The smallest of towns can have several breweries and chances are extremely […]

Just as in life; in business, sharing the same values as those we invest in and spend our time with, is a standard that should not be ignored.

It is, therefore, in the spirit of gratitude that we highlight in this Blog section our like-minded friends in the business world that also go the extra mile for their patrons & employees, ensuring they have “An Awesome Time Done Safely”™ 

Learn all about some of the “Client focused, Safety proactive, Good doing” companies we have had the honor of working with right here and maybe consider them in your next purchase as they truly have the heart to serve you, and serve you well.


Today in our “Highlighting Our Socially Pro-active Companies” we feature the Spearhead Brewing Co.

Today We Interview Josh Hayter, President of Spearhead Brewing Co.       In our travels across Ontario for some good beer made by some good people, our sights always seem to head over to Kingston towards the good folks at Spearhead Brewing Co.    Now, we’ve talked about Spearhead before and readers will know that the […]

Today In Highlighting Our Socially ProActive Companies We Spotlight The Hamilton Food & Drink Fest!

Food & Fun at Hamilton’s Food & Drink Fest!           One of the perks of the job here at Not Your Child Co. is that we get to travel all over this great province to help people learn about how to be safer and more mindful in their drinking while also […]

Today We Celebrate Anchor Niagara!

Today We’re Celebrating Anchor Niagara!     More and more we’ve learned that doing the right thing often means doing whatever you can to help make the world a better place than when you found it. It’s so easy to just sit and do nothing and look out for yourself, but to be a source […]

Getting Festive at The Aurora Craft Beer Festival!

Getting Festive at The Aurora Craft Beer Festival!   The warm weather is finally here and we are ready to go outside! And what better way to celebrate than with a giant party that has amazing food, fantastic entertainment, and some truly world-class drinks? Enter the Community Craft Beer Festival!   The Community Craft Beer Festival […]

Not Your Child Corp Launches Blood Donation Drive, #BloodEvery90For90 in Canada

  Not Your Child Corp Launches Blood Donation Drive. #BloodEvery90For90 in Canada Everyday, Canadian families need lifesaving blood. A new initiative, Not Your Child Corp. (NYC Corp) is aiming at saving lives with its #bloodevery90for90 campaign. The campaign welcomes donors to donate blood under the campaign’s Partner For Life ID and help save precious lives. […]

#BloodEvery90for90 STONEY CREEK, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 5, 2021 / —   Everyday, Canadian families need lifesaving blood. A new initiative, Not Your Child Corp. (NYC Corp) is aiming at saving lives with its #bloodevery90for90 campaign. The campaign welcomes donors to donate blood under the campaign’s Partner For Life ID and help save precious lives. As […]