Blood CA

All blood. No sweat. No Tears.

There is never a time your blood isn’t desperately needed by a Canadian family member.

During this time, when accidents are high and blood supply may be low, you can help save lives by donating your much-needed blood and or plasma to our friends at Canada’s lifeline. You have the power to help families this year by simply giving them the gift of your blood. When you give blood, you give hope, you give life and you give precious time to Canadian families.

To encourage our members and safe driving tribe to donate to  we will be giving a free single-use breathalyzer Canada-wide with proof of donation of your blood or plasma.

We wouldn’t tell you to do something we don’t do & believe in ourselves, so along with encouraging our staff to also give blood, our founder Julia has committed to giving her blood every 90 days for the next 90 months #bloodevery90for90. You can join her in this challenge and be a part of this life-saving initiative.

Submit by the form below your proof of blood donation, including the date & location of your donation and receive your free single-use breathalyzer on us.

Tag us on social media in your photo when you give blood!

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Disclaimer: limit to 24 breathalyzers per person per year. Patron pays shipping. Canada wide only. Patron may be asked for permission to use photo of blood donation for social media purposes.