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How to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

By August 13, 2016 Raising Kids

Raising confident kids is no easy task. As a parent, you want to keep your child safe, but you also don’t want to keep them completely shielded from the realities of life. There are plenty of ways that parents can help their children build self-esteem and boost their confidence.

Give your child a sense of freedom

Every parent knows the struggle of allowing their child to have a certain amount of independence while ensuring their safety. However, kids need to be able to go out in the world without feeling constant fear and anxiety. You can give your child a sense of freedom by allowing them to go out on their own or with friends, so long as they follow your rules. Set the rules that you feel comfortable with, such as designating certain areas as off limits, and calling to check in when they arrive at their destination. It will help them to gain confidence, and they’ll appreciate knowing that they can earn your trust.

Let them make mistakes

As they are growing and learning, children make many mistakes, and that’s okay. It’s important for parents to let kids know that mistakes happen, and they are excellent opportunities to learn. Celebrate their achievements, recognize their mistakes, but then help them to move past it. Encourage them to keep trying, and eventually, they will get it right.

Don’t do everything for them

While it may be easier to simply do things for your child, you won’t be doing them any favors in the long run. From simple things like tying their shoes, to the more complicated, like algebra homework, kids have to try and work to master new experiences. As a parent, you need to be patient with your kids, and learn to stand back from time to time. Parents naturally want to see their children succeed and thrive, but it’s important to allow them to stumble so that they can get back up, grow, and learn.

The world can be a scary place, but parents must encourage their children to face it head on and with confidence. You can help to boost your child’s self-esteem by building trust with them, and giving them the chance to learn on their own.