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Breathalyzers Are The New Normal

Breathalyzers Are the New Normal


The more we continue to do things, the more they become a habit. We know that. Repetition is a big part of making something new into a habit. It becomes the “new normal”, so to speak. This is often the case when new driving laws come into place or if you drive a different or unusual vehicle. It also happens when you change how you live part of your life. It takes some time to get used to, but typically in a short period of time and with enough repetition, the new habit takes hold.

For as long as we can remember, drinking and driving has been a major problem globally. Too many people think they are fine to drive after drinking, but the problem remains their judgement is seriously affected after consuming alcohol. This ultimately leads to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when they should not. But what if there was a new normal? What if a new habit was created after someone was drinking, to stop them from getting behind the wheel and driving home? It could be.

Back in 2012, France introduced a new law that called for all drivers to carry a breathalyzer in their vehicle. Since it became a law, there would be immediate fines given to the driver if they did not carry a breathalyzer. In France, there are over 4000 lives lost due to impaired driving each year. They are hoping carrying a breathalyzer will save 500 lives a year. That’s huge as everyone’s lives are worth saving. To enforce this new law, police are carrying out random inspections. But what if you don’t live in France? Can’t you make having a breathalyzer in your vehicle the new normal? Of course you can. And so can your friends and family.

Personal breathalyzers are quite inexpensive and easy to obtain. Not Your Child Corp has a variety of individual breathalyzers to choose from, plus they are very affordable. They are easy to use and very accurate to give you the knowledge whether you should be driving or taking an alternative means to reach your destination after drinking. Will you automatically use them after drinking? Perhaps over time, but you will need to build the habit.

The best way to build a new habit is to tie it into a regular routine. Look for typical patterns and think about how you can use any of your existing habits to create the new, positive ones. Attaching your breathalyzer to your keys so you are always aware of it, especially when you are sober before you begin to drink. Make it part of the conversation during your routine of alcohol consumption.

Making a new habit, which is really about adjusting old habits, takes time and the need to want to make the change. So, let’s make normalizing breathalyzers the new normal. It’s time to let Not Your Child Corp help you. Think of the long-term benefits of making this change in your life, to assist you to avoid driving after drinking. You have everything to gain by making breathalyzers part of the new normal within your life. 


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