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Drinking and Driving: Myth or Fact

Drinking and Driving: Myth or Fact



How did we get to a point where we stand by what we believe? Was it based on the fact we get our beliefs from family or friends or do we research topics in order to get the facts? Getting facts broadens our minds and allows us to make informed decisions. I think that’s an important way to lead our lives, especially when it comes to drinking and driving. We all seem to have our own opinions, but when it’s all said and done, do those opinions allow us to remain safe behind the wheel?

Unfortunately, some of the opinions many people may have about consuming alcohol and then driving are not facts at all. They are actually myths. So, let’s find out if your beliefs are facts or myths with this short quiz.

Question 1: “I will be okay since I ate after drinking.” That is a myth. The fact is: Eating after drinking alcohol does not change anything. The alcohol is already in your bloodstream and the food will not be able to stop the effects of impairment.

Question 2: “I only drank wine or light sugary drinks. It’s not like hard alcohol so I will be fine.” That too is a myth. The fact is: Light drinks do not seem as serious as hard alcohol, however, two ounces of alcohol are still two ounces of alcohol.

Question 3: “Medication given to me by a doctor can be as dangerous as illegal drugs when it comes to driving.” This is a fact. The fact is: Some types of medications can cause drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, worse concentration, and memory problems to name a few. Almost all types of medication can cause side effects that affect your ability to drive, and these side effects can be different from person to person.

Question 4: “I know a trick that will sober me up and not put me over when tested.” This is also a myth. The fact is: There are no tricks to speed up the elimination of alcohol. Taking a cold shower, drinking strong coffee, going for a run or dancing will not lessen the effects of alcohol. Your liver eliminates almost everything over time.

To be legal, you must wait for your liver to do its work. Be careful of energy drinks, they mask the drowsiness brought on by alcohol, but your abilities remain impaired. The blood alcohol concentration in your blood continues to increase and reaches its maximum level one hour after the last drink.

Never take chances to drive after drinking, despite what beliefs you may have had growing up. Learning the facts can help you make educated and informed decisions. Knowing the facts can also help keep you, your passengers, and other road users safe. One of the facts is that a breathalyzer can give you accurate readings after drinking to know if you should be getting behind the wheel or not. Using a breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp can give you that accurate reading before getting into your vehicle. That is a fact. And remember, “When you feel different, you drive different. Drive sober.”

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