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Expecting the unexpected.

Expecting the Unexpected.


Sometimes things happen when you weren’t expecting them. You try to be careful yet the unexpected can happen. This was recently the case for my daughter who happened to be driving alone recently. She came across a RIDE program and something unexpected happened. Something she never thought would happen to her.

As she was traveling through the area, she noticed flashing lights just ahead of her. She continued and as she got closer saw that it was a RIDE program. If you’re not familiar with the RIDE program, it stands for “Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere” where police check to see if you’re driving impaired. My daughter was not alarmed or worried as she had not had anything to drink, so she proceeded as normal in the line of vehicles.

The officer asked, as they always do, if she had anything to drink. Her answer was no, but the officer asked her to pull ahead to the side of the road and wait for a moment until the officer came back. Not knowing why, my daughter patiently waited for the officer. When the officer came back, they had my daughter blow into a breathalyzer. Refusing to do so has the same result as failing a breathalyzer. Since she had nothing alcoholic to drink, she felt no pressure and followed instructions. Why did she feel no pressure? Because she knew she was sober. It is the best feeling to have when you’re behind the wheel and find yourself approaching the RIDE program or any other similar program across the country.

If you’ve been drinking, how do you really know that you are sober and safe to drive just in case you’re surprised to reach a roadside stop, such as the RIDE program? That’s an easy question to answer. Not Your Child Corp have a very easy solution. They offer single-use breathalyzers to individuals and companies to be used after they’ve been drinking. They are quick to use and are extremely accurate to determine if you are safe – and legal – to drive.

Although many people feel they can take the back roads home to avoid the RIDE programs, it doesn’t always work that way. But why take that chance? Being charged with impaired driving is more than a ticket. It can easily lead toward a criminal record, a license suspension and loss of insurance. Any crash which occurred while impaired also means your insurance will not cover it. And this doesn’t take into consideration the dramatic ramifications of injuring or killing someone because of your choice to drive. It really is a lot more affordable to pick up a few of the breathalyzers from Not Your Child Corp compared to all the other expenses it would cost you, just by attempting to sneak home.

If you do have to blow into a breathalyzer, why not make it under your own terms with your own single-use breathalyzer. Your terms also means you haven’t got behind the wheel yet, which is the best time to have it happen. As they say at Not Your Child Corp; “When you feel different, you drive different. Drive Sober”.


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Scott Marshall has spent over 30 years promoting road safety in many jurisdictions. He has been a road safety journalist since 2005. Scott was also an on-air judge on the Discovery Network's Canada's Worst Driver during their first 3 seasons on the air. Not YourChildCorp. is proud to have Scott @Safedriver as a frequent contributor, his insights are irreplaceable.

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