Friends From Across Our Globe


At Not Your Child Corp. we believe "Many hands make work light" therefore we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with businesses sharing the same values we have and passion for the sober operation of all vehicles. In the spirit of collaboration, we feature on this page "Friends From across Our Globe" who share our values and passion, as we work together to the benefit of each other's communities and countries.


Not Your Child Corp joins their friends, the McGuinness family from YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety, in their social mission to change driving culture from the passivity of luck to the accountability of choice. Their multi-award-winning Australian school program places young drivers and passengers into profound reflection about how their choices impact their own loved ones; and positively uplifts teens to behaviours which protect their families and their community from the preventable tragedy of road trauma...


YOU CHOOSE is located in Australia, but the mission messages of Love, Family, Empowerment and Peer Advocacy apply to youth drivers and passengers the world over. They gladly welcome the opportunity to engage with our youth's classrooms by zoom video, arranged by Not Your Child Corp.




YOU CHOOSE reviews

This works. They listen. Really listen. This will change them. They will make better choices. I have no doubt this will save lives. I have no doubt our students and teachers will never forget... Every young person needs to hear this...”

Teacher Curriculum Leader

...presentation was deeply touching to me personally as well as all of my peers that I have talked to, and as someone who has not been greatly affected by incidents on the road, this brought a sense of genuineness to the dangers whilst has been appreciated by all and your message will deeply resonate with me for the years to come”

Year 12 Student

The notion that a person’s choices can shape and define their time in this world and can have far reaching and often unthinkable impacts on so many others was powerful. If just one (of us) takes heed of this message, the lives of many can be forever changed for the better. (Those) present today will hopefully embrace the responsibly of owning their decision making...and help guide those around them to do the same”

Year 12 Student

The best presentation and program of its type that I have seen.”

Police Officer

Highly recommended for all High Schools... It would be lovely to see (YOU CHOOSE) compulsory for all future and present road users on L's and P's.”

Police Officer

I have never, ever, ever, heard an assembly hall so quiet...your presentation moved me greatly yesterday...(our community) needed it. Our kids needed it.”

Regional Youth Worker

As a health educator of 40 plus years your message and method of delivery was the most powerful, enthralling and engaging that I have witnessed”

Senior School Teacher