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How Influenced You Are Under Alcohol?

By October 10, 2019 Breathalyzer

While some accidents are unavoidable, those involving something as avoidable as intoxication should never happen. The most obvious way to prevent something horrific from happening is to never get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. The second option is to check your breath alcohol level before attempting to operate a vehicle. Vehicle breathalyzers won’t allow your car to start if your blood-alcohol content is over the legal limit.

A vehicle breathalyzer interlock system is not a bad or embarrassing tool to own, it is smart, proactive and it should be considered as empowering. People who elect to a Not Your Child Corp. device can still go out and enjoy cocktails but without any fear of making a poor decision that could have devastating consequences. People don’t think as clearly as they would when they are sober, as they do while intoxicated, our breathalysers on a whole, whether our personal use hand helds breathalyzers, single use breathalyzers or vehicle interlock breathalysers all help drivers make better driving decisions by arming them with their BrAC information . Do not wait until you are pulled over by the police to know your BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration)

The bottom line is for many people in Canada and the U.S.A a vehicle breathalyzer interlock system can mean the difference between life and death. Reaction times are slowed significantly event with mild intoxication and one small mishap can turn into a lifelong nightmare.

Sadly, many people continue to sustain injuries and families are still suffering from needless deaths because of intoxicated driving. The great thing about a vehicle breathalyzer lockout device is that an individual must first blow into a mouthpiece that measures their breath alcohol content. The system, which uses advanced fuel cell technology, relays the information to the vehicle. If someone blows over the legal limit the car will not start until they are below the legal limit and operate the vehicle safely.

Your Most Trusted Source

The most cutting edge vehicle breathalyzer on the market developed by Not Your Child Corp. A respected Canadian company has even more to offer, it includes a GPS tracking system, plus many more patented features which provides drivers optimal protection while they travel on our roads.

For more information, please contact us info@notyourchild.com and visit www.notyourchild.com. Together, we can help save lives.