Ignition Interlock Device 

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When the phone of the young driver or other monitored party is detected by the car interlock device, they may be required to provide a clean breath sample before the ignition is engaged. This feature is customizable on the Not Your Child platform through the Not Your Child app and can be turned off or on by the party holding authority such as a parent or monitoring party.

We also provide the industry’s most reliable single-use breathalyzers, so users can discreetly check their breath alcohol levels. This is a great tool for parents and young drivers that are active on the weekends. Buy online or contact us to inquire about the cost of ignition interlock device in Canada, UK and the USA.

Features of the Breathalyzer in the Car | Canada, USA & U.K

Our interlock breathalyzer uses facial recognition software through the phone’s camera to prevent an intoxicated driver from allowing a friend to use the breathalyzer to start the car. This safety interlock system has special safety features to prevent anyone but a professional mechanic from removing the interlock device from the car.

When the interlock safety device in the car detects the phone of the young driver or driving offender, it will require the driver to provide a clean breath sample before the ignition will start.

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Not Your Child uses an ignition interlock vehicle safety device. Vehicle owners can track their vehicle while it is in use, customize geofencing, and receive alerts when the driver has entered an area such as a bar. Another safety feature is that the ignition interlock system will only start if it recognizes one of the six previously paired cell phones. This provides another layer of protection against potential car thieves.