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Know Your Breath Alcohol Concentration

By October 15, 2019 Safety tips

Drinking at home where you can slip into bed after having alcohol is one thing, consuming alcohol away from home and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is something entirely different. The problem is many people think they are safe to drive / operate a motor vehicle when they’re actually intoxicated and this puts their lives and the lives of others at risk.

A portable breathalyzer can cause the avoidance of a tragedy. Many times, the impact of drunk driving doesn’t become a reality until after the driver wakes up in either a jail cell or a hospital bed. After learning they were the cause of a drunk-driving accident, their entire world turns upside down.

Benefits of Protective Devices

For optimal safety, there are several excellent options. First, there’s a breathalyzer machine for cars, there are single-use breathalyzer, which, as the name implies, is used only once and finally there are portable breathalyzers small and discreet enough to be carried around in a purse or pocket. Not Your Child Corp. has all these options.

For an automobile, an ignition interlock device works incredibly well. With this, a driver would blow into a mouthpiece connected to the system to determine the current breath-alcohol level. Drivers has the assurance of being completely sober before driving.

As for a single-use breathalyzer, these are ideal for weekend use and special events. They are disposable and discreet. With a portable breathalyzer, an individual can test their breath alcohol before leaving a party, bar, or restaurant and if over the legal limit, he/she can then arrange for a safer way home

Any of our breathalysers are a great option as they’re all designed to protect drivers, passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.

For parents of young drivers, choosing a breathalyzer machine for a car is an excellent way to give them the freedom they crave with the protection they deserve, please check out our very own patented customizable interlock for more details. You can also pre-order your device with us today.

Contact Us for Professional Guidance

At Not Your Child Corp., our goal is to offer innovative products designed to prevent loss of life and injuries on our roads. If you need a new breathalyzer machine for a car , a new hand held personal breathalysers as a gift to yourself or a loved one, or you would like a pack of single use breathalysers, we can help. Give us a call today.