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Not Your Child Corp Launches Blood Donation Drive, #BloodEvery90For90 in Canada


Not Your Child Corp Launches Blood Donation Drive.
#BloodEvery90For90 in Canada

Everyday, Canadian families need lifesaving blood. A new initiative, Not Your Child Corp. (NYC Corp) is aiming at saving lives with its #bloodevery90for90 campaign. The campaign welcomes donors to donate blood under the campaign’s Partner For Life ID and help save precious lives. As a reward for joining their team, donors will receive a free gift – a TUV certified and FDA-approved, single-use breathalyzer.

Every day around four travelers meet with accidents due to driving under the influence (Impaired Driving Facts). These victims can be helped through the timely availability of blood. NYC Corp is running its blood donation campaign toward this aim in association with, Canada’s lifeline.

“When you give blood, you give hope, you give life and you give precious time to Canadian families,” says NYC Corp founder, Julia.

Julia and her staff are also leading the campaign by example. Julia has committed to donating her blood every 90 days over the next 90 months. Anyone can join her by registering under the campaign’s Partner ID (NOTY0093511) with The Not Your Child Corp’s Partner. This will make the donation count towards the campaign’s target of achieving 50 donations.

N.Y.C Corp. wants to bring an end to injuries and fatalities caused by inebriated driving. The company offers electronic personal breath testers. Not Your Child Corp. raises awareness about safe alcohol consumption and attends events where alcohol is served to make high-quality breath testing equipment available to the attendees, helping them to make informed driving decisions, protecting both the host, the patrons, and other road users.

To participate in the pledge and donate blood, join N.Y.C. Corp by registering under its Partner for Life I.D (NOTY0093511). All donations will then count towards the overall goal of the campaign. Participants can also invite their family and friends to participate by booking an appointment to donate on Patrons may also take a blood-giving selfie and tag the team with #bloodevery90for90.

Social handles of the campaign for tagging:

Facebook: @notyourchildco
Instagram: @notyourchildco @notyourchildcorp
Twitter: @notyourchildco

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Not Your Child Corp. is a Canadian company dedicated to road safety. For more information, please visit: 

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