Nothing Justifies Impaired Driving.

Nothing Justifies Impaired Driving.



Nothing can justify drunk driving. It is no longer socially acceptable or cool to drive after being heavily consumed with alcohol. Actually, it never was. Today, roughly 98% of the population denounces this type of action, but it still happens. It would be interesting to know why some drivers decide to drive after drinking in excess. Are they naïve with regards to how alcohol affects their abilities? Perhaps they are the only people who really know why they do it. Or maybe they have no real reason why they drive impaired. It may be time these individuals become re-educated and have incentives provided to them to stop them from driving impaired. Maybe we can help.

It really comes down to knowing the facts. Let them know if they get convicted for impaired driving the consequences can be severe. They could be impaired even if their blood alcohol concentration is low, and they could even be arrested with a blood alcohol concentration below 0.08. Police officers do not always use the breathalyzer test to first identify if someone is impaired. Instead, they could assess their condition by making them perform physical coordination tests. A police officer may have sufficient grounds to put someone under arrest simply by observing their actions. Why take those chances?

Since alcohol is a depressant, someone’s reaction time and decision-making will quickly decrease when combined with fatigue. It is also important to remember that the concentration of alcohol in your blood continues to increase and reaches its maximum level one hour after the last drink. This could seriously affect your ability to drive. One more thing to add here is that adding medication can seriously affect impairment.

Perhaps these individuals who do drive after consuming alcohol need our help to know the facts and avoid driving after drinking. What if we gave them the information they were missing? Luckily, Not Your Child Corp is willing to help as well. They offer single-use breathalyzers and handheld breathalyzers which are very accurate and can help individuals make educated choices so they can avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.

Why not let them know how an impaired driving charge can affect their family? First of all, vehicle insurance won’t cover the cost of any damage your vehicle does after crashing. This would mean it would be out-of-pocket to cover everything. This could financially ruin people and their family. Vehicle insurance for all those associated with that policy also tremendously increased. Having a criminal record after an impaired driving charge may mean you lose your job. How would that affect you and your family?

These are things everyone should have a conversation with the person who is known to drive while impaired. Make the conversation personal, since their choices affect family and not just themselves. While speaking with them, let them know you care and hand them a single-use breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp. That’s a great way to prove you do care. And so do they.

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