Our founder

I am Julia Matthews, the CEO and founder of Not Your Child Corp. I am a Rotarian, we believe in “Service Above Self”.

I founded Not Your Child Corp. after my nephew (my brother Lefrancs’ son) and I were walking in a mall, he pulled his hand out of my grip and ran off. I was terrified. He thought we were playing a game, and when he ran off, I lost sight of him for about 3 minutes. Those three minutes were the most paralyzing gut churning minutes of my life.

On the way back to my brothers’ house, I looked at my phone and saw the find my iPhone app. I considered; how easy is it to lose a child? How many parents suffer that agonizing fear for hours? days? years? A feeling I will never forget. I put pencil to paper and started my designs for clothing with GPS devices for children and I was inspired to push forward.

I also have lost friends from inebriated driving and have had friends that suffered from addiction, it is because of this I created the world’s first Tracking Interlock Breathalyzer System, that promises to save lives on our roads by pro-actively protecting young drivers, their passengers and those suffering from alcoholism.

It was after speaking with parents during the aforementioned project, that the socially responsible movement #whywait4tragedy was born, the tag for this cause is “Because in matters of life and death, hindsight is just too late”. This movement was thought of because I, as well as the parents spoken to, believe putting devices like ours should become a normalized behaviour in society, a kind of Pro-active safety belt no different than bike helmets and leather protective gear.

One word that describes us: Love

Our GPS devices
Our GPS devices are currently being re programmed to ensure we keep in step with the highest industry standards and so we have temporarily removed them from our site- and will re submit them to our patrons for purchase via this website when we are satisfied with our new features & functionality.