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“Because in matters of life and death, hindsight is just too late”
About our movement

Hindsight can be a useful tool, unfortunately, in matters of life and death, hindsight may be too late. This was the resounding echo heard by parents who lost their young adults and teenagers to senseless inebriated driving on our roads. It is important to remember some of these young victims were passengers and drivers of “the other car” and some of them were passengers in the car with the inebriated drivers. And so our movement #whywait4tragedy was born. Almost all, if not all of the lives previously mentioned that were lost could have and would have been saved if the vehicle of the inebriated driver was protected by our device. However, as you may imagine “could have” and “would have” to grieving families is too little too late.

As we continued our dialogue by speaking with more parents we received more insight, one mother mentioned “There are so many things out there to proactively protect kids and babies but there isn’t much out there to proactively protect young drivers and they take the most risks.” another father said “Even though I trust my children, I also trust that they will be teenagers… I remember the risks I took operating in my teenage/young adult mind – especially when hanging out with friends – and I was a very mature trustworthy kid – we were all teenagers once so I know the risks they will inevitably want/ have the urge to take – especially when they are under the influence of other teenagers. Yes, this is needed – why to wait till your kids get a DUI or something more serious happens before we protect them with a device like this?”

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