Express – Single Use Breathalyzer


Not Your Child Corp. Single use Breathalyzer is a discrete, convenient, non-invasive, single use breath alcohol tester providing accurate, reliable results with easy to read colour-changing crystals. It’s perfect for personal or professional use


Analysis Time ≺ 4 minutes Accuracy ± 5% Display Quad-coloured BrAC strip
Performance DRIVESAFE express uses colour changing crystals within a single tube. The colour produced is proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed, with a scale of four possible readings: .00, .02, .05 and .08.
User-Friendly When the user blows through the tube, the crystals change colour upon detection of alcohol; the higher the alcohol concentration, the darker the pigmentation. Results are ready in 2 to 4 minutes.
Design DRIVESAFE express is a hygienic, low-cost breathalyzer. It provides a quick and convenient way to measure your BrAC – carry it in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

How-to Firmly push both ends of the tube to break the security foil and blow for 10 seconds in the direction of the arrow.

Wait 2 to 4 minutes and compare the crystal colour to the printed scale to estimate your BrAC level.