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Not Your Child Corp. Single use Breathalyzer is a discrete, convenient, non-invasive, single use breath alcohol tester providing accurate, reliable results with easy to read colour-changing crystals. It’s perfect for personal or professional use

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Single Use Breathalyzer

Analysis Time ≺ 4 minutes Accuracy ± 5% Display Quad-coloured BrAC strip
Performance DRIVESAFE express Single Use Breathalyzer uses colour changing crystals within a single tube. The colour produced is proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed, with a scale of four possible readings: .00, .02, .05 and .08.
User-Friendly When the user blows through the tube, the crystals change colour upon detection of alcohol; the higher the alcohol concentration, the darker the pigmentation. Results are ready in 2 to 4 minutes.
Design DRIVESAFE express is a hygienic, low-cost breathalyzer. It provides a quick and convenient way to measure your BrAC – carry it in your pocket, purse or briefcase.

How-to Firmly push both ends of the tube to break the security foil and blow for 10 seconds in the direction of the arrow.

Wait 2 to 4 minutes and compare the crystal colour to the printed scale to estimate your BrAC level.

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14 reviews for Express – Single Use Breathalyzer

  1. JB

    Really cool company, love their products! They will help you choose a breathalyzer that is right for your needs. Love these single uses too. convenient as we head back out of the shutdowns.

  2. Scott Marshall

    A great, easy product to use with excellent customer support. So easy to carry when the time is right. Would recommend to everyone.

  3. Brandon Felder

    Awesome company! Really friendly client care very knowledgeable and great product

  4. Alamgir

    The team at N.Y.C are very professional and yet are able to make it such a fun experience for our attendees. I really didn’t expect the impact such a service would have on my event and surely this is a mainstay for all future events. keep up the good work!

  5. Sean Jennings

    This is a great company with a great product.
    If using this saves one life or one drunk driving charge it is worth it. Save your own life or the lives of others and check before you drive.

  6. Joyce Assaf

    Love these things! So convenient! The price is definitely worth the peace of mind. It’s an effective way to have a great time while protecting yourself and others. I would recommend this product to anybody.

  7. Ryan

    Easy to use breathalyzer and the company has excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend to others.

  8. Robin

    Awesome company and the breathalyzers are super easy to use and incredibly handy! Very affordable price for some peace of mind and essential in being safe!

  9. Natasha

    So handy for college life and girl’s nights out! love these little things.

  10. korey Witha K

    Very cool product. friends love it too. The anticipation of getting those results makes it kind of fun Bc you know you’re being safe at the same time. Quick and easy, will be buying more for sure!!

  11. Kristopher Barnett

    Wow, from beginning to end great service, and what a great product. I’ll be buying more from here in out 👍🏾.

  12. Michael

    I will have to admit that I was skeptical about a breathalyzer I could carry around with me or have kicking around the house for when we suspect guests had had too much – and that they would actually use it willingly. As it turns out people are more than willing to try out something new when they have a few drinks in them – these worked great and have saved a few people from driving home when they possibly should not have. Thank you for making these available to the general public before they get a professional one and get in trouble.

  13. Vitor

    I definitely recommend NYC Corp, Julia and her team, they are perfectionists and are obsessed with client care. Excellent products and service!

  14. George

    My friends and I love this product and company. I always recommend it to my friends to take out with them when they know they will have a few drinks and they actually called me back a few times telling me about how they blew over the limit and knew to take a cab home. Great product and company! I will always recommend this to anyone. Looking to get a handheld soon!

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