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Raising Can-Do, Confident Kids in today’s World

The world today may seem like a scary and intimidating place, and while there is always risk involved in everything that we do, we still need to get out there and explore. This is especially true for kids, who are just getting familiar with the world around them, and understanding how it works. Parents have a responsibility to raise their children to be confident and make smart decisions if they want them to be successful, well-adjusted adults. Here’s how you can raise kids with a confident, can-do attitude:

Build trust

Parents want to know that they can trust their child to make the right choices. The best way to do that is by giving them opportunities to demonstrate good behavior and smart decision making. They will make many mistakes over the years, but you can use those as learning experiences and turn them into positive conversations. Give your child plenty of opportunities to earn your trust, and it will help to build trust both ways and increase their self-confidence.

Foster their creativity

Kids and creativity go hand in hand, so encourage your child to explore and try new things. If they show an interest in something, give them the opportunity to explore it more. While you can and should give them guidance and assistance, you can’t do everything for your child. When you raise a creative thinker, you’ll have a child who is adept at problem solving and finding solutions.

Encourage them to explore

Kids are curious about everything, and especially about the world around them. Parents should allow and encourage their kids to explore in a safe way at every age. When they’re toddlers, it may mean letting them play with their food or get a little dirty splashing in mud puddles. As teenagers, it may mean letting them go off on a camping trip with a trusted friend for the weekend, or attending a concert without adult supervision. At every stage, there are new and exciting experiences that kids are interested in, and that means that parents need to let go just a little and allow them to do things on their own.