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The Art Of Gift Giving

The Art Of Gift Giving



If you really think about it, any time of the year is a time for gift giving. It doesn’t always have to be for special holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. It could be just what the person needs to lift their spirits over a tough time. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that “it’s the thought that counts”. It really is and that thought could be expanded.


Over a number of years, I’ve had the pleasure of giving gifts to many people. Sometimes it was for no other reason than to make them smile and feel appreciated. We need that in our lives. We need to feel appreciated and sometimes having more than words can really make someone feel appreciated and loved. Perhaps we need to do more gift giving in the future. It really seems like a win-win situation when that happens. They feel good receiving the gift and the gift giver feels good giving it.


Many people decide to give the gift of alcohol for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings. An expensive bottle of wine, a bottle of scotch or whiskey and of course a bottle of champagne seems to come to mind here. Craft beer has also become a popular alcohol gift more recently. It’s like a celebration of sorts. Alcohol is viewed as something associated with distinction or class. You rarely need to worry about giving someone alcohol as a gift because even if they do not drink regularly, they may want to take a glass or two during a special occasion.


Doing extra things will often go a long way toward making the gift more meaningful. The gifts which mean the most are most likely the ones in which it was obvious the giver put thought into them. Consider the golden rule to gifting alcohol is to show some thought in the selection. If they like a particular wine, spirit, or type of beer, look for something interesting, new, or perhaps a limited-edition type of what they may enjoy.


However, it may be time to change it up slightly when giving out alcohol as a gift. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy receiving alcohol as a gift and so do many other people. I’m not suggesting stopping doing that. I’m suggesting adding to the gift. Many may add a type of food that accompanies the alcohol such as a seasonal food that matches the alcohol. You could add food as an accompaniment, but I have something else in mind too.


We give gifts because we care for those people, so why not add something else that shows you care. Adding an individual breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp shows you want them to enjoy the bottle but to ensure they are both safe and legal to drive afterwards. The breathalyzers are easy and quick to use and give the user enough information to know they should or should not drive at that time. Some even connect to your smartphone with all the readings. What better gift could you give someone you care about?


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