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The Cost

The Cost

Trying to find something to do that doesn’t cost much can be tricky sometimes. Even socializing with friends or family can be costly when it doesn’t really need to be. As a young person, I had friends who would not venture out with us unless they had a minimum amount of money on hand. Having food and drink can add up quickly and sometimes without enough money, you may feel left out. I, on the other hand, didn’t need a lot of money when I was socializing, which was a good thing because I didn’t have that much anyway.

Having a few drinks socially or with a meal should never really cost too much, but what if the costs expectantly added up to thousands of dollars? You would never expect that but it could happen. What if you went out to dinner or to have a few drinks with friends knowing it was going to cost you thousands of dollars each of the next few years? How could that even be possible? Would you even want to spend that kind of money? Of course not, but you could if you’re not careful.

When the drinks you’re consuming add up and you decide to drive, you could easily be driving impaired. If you’re charged for impaired driving, the cost of those few drinks has already gone up because of the towing charge as your vehicle will now be impounded. The charge for each day the vehicle is impounded adds up, administration costs add up and reinstatement of your driver’s license once you get it back can already add up to thousands of dollars. Oh, and now you may need to have an ignition interlock system installed on your vehicle. How does that sound so far? I haven’t even mentioned the fines or jail time or higher insurance costs spread out for many years yet. Is it worth it to drive after consuming alcohol? What if you took the responsibility seriously and ensured you were sober before you drove, including the morning after, which is when some of the violations happen? Wouldn’t that be more cost-effective?

A simple and very cost-effective way to ensure your blood-alcohol level is at zero is by using a breathalyzer, such as from Not your Child Corp. Making alternative plans to get home is always the best option, but sometimes that hangover the next day is more than just a hangover. Perhaps it’s still alcohol impairment. But how can you be so sure?

Using a single use breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp has the easy and cost-effective solution. Having the knowledge that your blood-alcohol level is at zero is the best way to know, and not guess that you’re sober to drive. As little as $5 for a single-use breathalyzer is much cheaper than thousands of dollars for each year going forward. Oh, and the thousands of dollars hasn’t even mentioned the loss of someone’s life because of your decision. So yeah, I think the breathalyzers are very reasonable, don’t you? And remember, when you feel different, you drive different. Drive sober.


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Scott Marshall has spent over 30 years promoting road safety in many jurisdictions. He has been a road safety journalist since 2005. Scott was also an on-air judge on the Discovery Network's Canada's Worst Driver during their first 3 seasons on the air. Not YourChildCorp. is proud to have Scott @Safedriver as a frequent contributor, his insights are irreplaceable.

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