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Today In Our Tuesday Blog: Are you a team player.

Are you a team player?



Growing up, I was involved with a variety of team sports. I enjoyed playing them and today I still enjoy watching them and being part of them as much as possible. I especially enjoy how each team member helps their fellow team member succeed, which in turn, helps the team to succeed. After a time, I also realized that a team doesn’t just have to be with sports. It can also be a life experience.

Consuming alcohol has been part of Canada’s social environment for many years. With alcohol and the invention of the automobile, impaired driving was invented. Along with this, personal injuries and fatalities also increased. Unfortunately, each year across Canada roughly 1500 fatalities happen annually that are associated with impaired driving, and thousands more are seriously injured each year. Whatever the reason for consuming alcohol, impaired driving does not have to happen. Although it has happened for so many years that it may be considered to be common, it does not need to be that way. That needs to change and having the right team in place means you’re doing your part to make that change.

If you drink, even socially, you need to be part of a team. A team to help keep everyone else on your team safe and all of the players safe. Who are the players? Everyone you may come in contact with is a player. This would include the people you’re with, but also the other road users – drivers, pedestrians, cyclists – everyone. After hearing this, doesn’t it make sense to be part of a team?

Once you get everyone involved having the same belief, you now just have to get everyone working together. But, the question becomes, who should be on your team? Family and friends should be on the team. Looking out for one another has a positive effect on their lives too, so they have a vested interest. Looking into the future is part of being a good team member. Openly talking about the repercussions of your actions before the actions is part of being a good team member.

Good team members are supportive of one another. They care. They look ahead to ensure lives are not negatively affected. A definite team member would be Not Your Child Corp. They offer more than breathalyzers as part of their support. This is why; they want to ensure that no party host or parent suffers the guilt and serious consequences of enabling their child, family member, or friend to drive impaired. They offer a variety of electronics to help reduce impaired driving because they know the seriousness of this within our society. They offer pure professionalism.

Not Your Child Corp wants to help to diminish your risks and keep your guests safe at your social event. Their technicians will attend any event where alcohol is served and will make their high-quality breath testing equipment available for each of the guests to use. The goal is to help them make more informed driving decisions before it’s too late. As a good teammate, they have your back.



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Scott Marshall has spent over 30 years promoting road safety in many jurisdictions. He has been a road safety journalist since 2005. Scott was also an on-air judge on the Discovery Network's Canada's Worst Driver during their first 3 seasons on the air. Not YourChildCorp. is proud to have Scott @Safedriver as a frequent contributor, his insights are irreplaceable.

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