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Today In Our Tuesday Blog: What Scares You?

What Scares You?

Speaking with a group of people recently about what scares them or what fears they may have. I did hear a variety of answers, but most never really surprised me. Some feared death, some feared financial hardship, and some feared loneliness. And yes, some feared spiders, but that may be for a different article. What do you fear?

I’m not a fan of haunted houses at the amusement park, and scary movies are also not my thing. I like to control most of my future. Waiting for something bad to happen when in fact I can control most of what happens to me doesn’t make sense to me. It tends to take a few moments of thought to help make a logical choice. I’m a rule follower and pretty much have been for my entire life. I prefer to take calculated risks.

If I make a choice that was not ideal and did not work out for my best interest or it became something that scared me, I really try to make a change so the same choices that scared me in the past are not repeated. Sound familiar? Do you do the same thing? Making poor choices kind of leads us toward stress, which for many people, scares them.

Some of the stress that we have can be labeled as good stress and bad stress. Stress should not scare us. It should help to keep us on our toes. The difference between good stress and bad stress is what you control.

Good stress can be considered as things you can control, such as deadlines, assignments, and certain tasks. This is where the decisions are your own. You’re not relying on anyone or anything other than yourself. Take alcohol consumption for example. If you decide to consume alcohol, you have choices to make about how much you drink, what you drink, and how you’ll get home. That’s good stress. Now, let’s look at the bad stress, which may cause you to be scared.

Not taking control of your earlier decisions can lead to bad stress. This is when what happens to you is out of your control. After consuming alcohol, this would include crashing your vehicle, getting charged with impaired driving, jail time, or worse, injuring someone because you made the wrong choice when you had a chance to make a good choice. None of these things should make you happy.

I’m pretty sure you would prefer good stress over bad stress. It puts you in charge of your future. So, why not let Not Your Child Corp help you? They can offer individual and single-use breathalyzers for you to use any time you are consuming alcohol. Whether it’s with family, friends, or at an organized function, they can help lower your stress level and remove the bad stress from your life.

The breathalyzers will need to be used before you get behind the wheel and head home. The results are received within minutes and are quite accurate. They remove the stress of not knowing if you’ve had too much alcohol to drive home safely and legally. After all, you never really know based on how you feel. You need the help of Not Your Child Corp to remove what scares you. They’re good at that.


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