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Today in our #TuesdayBlog: 5 Reasons People Drink Alcohol

                                        5 Reasons People Drink Alcohol

Many people tend to drink alcohol for various reasons, which include relaxation, socializing, or removing stress. Regardless of the reasons, consuming alcohol can lead to serious problems if they drink a little too often. 

Have you ever wondered why you consume alcohol? Is it because of social reasons or do you enjoy the taste? Whatever the reason, it may be useful to determine why exactly it is that people drink.

Here are some of the common reasons why people may drink alcohol.

To escape problems or stress

The fact remains that alcohol slows down the central nervous system, which can create feelings of relaxation. This is often the reason why some people use alcohol as a coping mechanism to cope with stress, anxiety, or any other emotions. Alcohol is a means for some people to remove themselves from the various stresses in their lives. 

Some people who go through difficult times, may find it easier to cope if they consume alcohol. Although alcohol consumption may help reduce anxiety, it’s only temporarily and will not be effective as a long-term solution.

Personal enjoyment

Some people consume alcohol because they want to enjoy themselves due to the effects that alcohol brings them. They may consider themselves social drinkers because they drink socially at social events, restaurants, and holidays, but they’re not necessarily considered as heavy drinkers. They usually don’t have a problem with consuming alcohol and are capable of handling it responsibly.

Alcoholic beverages can make people feel more relaxed than they would feel otherwise. Drinking may help those who feel a little anxious when they’re socializing because it makes them less nervous. Consuming alcohol seems to enhance some of their experiences but it can be harmful if used irresponsibly. 

Peer pressure

It may be considered that peer pressure is associated with younger people, but peer pressure to consume alcohol can present itself at any age. Alcohol consumption seems to be widespread in our society and since it is socially acceptable and legally permitted, it is common that people who do not consume alcohol, may drink alcohol when others around them are drinking. 

As an act of rebellion

Some drink alcohol to rebel against family, friends or the world. They have decided they want to defy the rules and show they are different from all the other people, or the opinion of others. This is often seen among teenagers who are in the process of growing up, which is considered to be the adolescence factor.

Mental health

Some people use alcohol for, as they say, self-medication. This is because they feel as if they need an escape from everyday life. Those who may suffer from mental illness may need substances like alcohol and drugs to help them cope through the daily grind. It may result in having other disorders such as depression or anxiety.


Whatever the reason, we need to take responsibility for our actions. Driving after consuming alcohol after being at a social event with alcohol is never the way to go. You need a plan to get home. Knowing if you should make use of the plan, may take the use of a handheld breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp. They are easy to use and carry and can be made part of your normal routine after consuming alcohol. You have every reason in the world to use them and no reason not to. The choice is yours.


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