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Today in our #Tuesdayblog: Time To Take It Seriously.

Time To Take It Seriously

We tend to take certain things in our life a little seriously. We focus on the task at hand and take pride in what we’re doing or believe in. This could be our job, raising our family, or perhaps even the hobbies we regularly partake in. Where does driving come in? Do you take driving seriously, or is it just something that makes commuting more convenient?

In our society, for those of us who are licensed to drive and have a vehicle, we often just jump in the vehicle and go. We have expectations of our conveniences and when our vehicle is unavailable, we sometimes feel lost. We protect our vehicle when someone is too close to it, whether another vehicle almost collided with your vehicle or if someone opens a car door and bumps it into the side of your vehicle. We get upset as we take this seriously.

Have you thought of how you drive or when you drive that can cause damage to your own vehicle? Do you protect your vehicle as much when you’re driving compared to what other people may do to it? Do you take it seriously after having a few drinks and you need to get home? Some do. Others don’t.

If you really want to take driving seriously and protect your vehicle, why not decide on a plan so that if you’ve had a few drinks, you know you can get home safely, without damaging your vehicle or having it taken from you? Having your license taken from you because you’ve driven home after consuming too much alcohol can be a real possibility. Having your vehicle impounded for the same reasons is also a real possibility. It’s time to take this seriously.

We all seem to know the alternatives to driving home after having too much to drink. We can have a designated driver; we can call a taxi or a ride share to get home. If we’re at a friend’s house, we could stay the night and go home the next day. This is taking the situation seriously. The difficult part it seems for many people is when to make these serious decisions.

Leaving your vehicle at home is by far the easiest way not to drive after consuming alcohol, but what if that is not the case? How do you know when you need to take things seriously and find another way home? Simple enough, have an individual breathalyzer with you. They are easy to use and can act as a visual reminder that driving must also be taken seriously.

No one wants to have serious consequences based on the fact you may be feeling fine, when in fact you’ve had too much to drink to drive home safely and legally. Do the smart thing. Plan ahead and make sober decisions before it’s too late. That’s when you’re more likely feeling yourself and you’re able to take the task of driving seriously.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a work event, a friend’s party, or dinner out with family, the new normal is to use the breathalyzer well before you’re making the decision about driving home. One of the side advantages of doing this is that you’re showing yourself that you have respect for others. It’s not always about what others may think of you, but it does show them.

Using a breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp should be part of the new normal. It shows you’re thinking about how you’ll be getting home and that sometimes driving is not an option. Some of the best driving choices come when you’re not driving. That’s when you’ve taken driving seriously.


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