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Today In Our #TuesdayBlog: “Times Have Changed”

Times Have Changed

It seems we’re back to doing social activities in public again. Hanging out with friends can be a lot of fun. Perhaps even a few unplanned activities come to happen at the spur of the moment. Are you ready for it? Yes, you may have the money to go out, but is that all you need for unplanned activities?

I remember as a young, single guy I would hang out with my friends every weekend and some weekday evenings as well. We knew how to have a good time and often never needed to have alcohol to make the good times flow. However, there were times after hanging out when someone decides we should go somewhere for a few drinks. Not a bad plan, but how ready were we back then?

It wasn’t always about having enough money to go out. Sometimes we had to make sure we had the plan to get home after we were done. I was the person you could rely on to get you home because I wasn’t the drinker in the group. I’m still not, but some were and still are. Times have changed from decades ago when we needed more than enough cash to get us through the night with a few drinks.

We have added a variety of ways to get us home safely and legally that seems to make many people feel comfortable about consuming those drinks. We can still take a taxi and now an Uber to get us home. We can still use a designated driver to ensure we get home safely or just stay the night if we’re with someone. But the same problem seems to be…how do we really know if we should use these alternative means of getting home safely? After all, our judgment has been impaired just like it was decades ago when we were out partying. One new thing has happened recently that has become an advantage that we did not have years ago. Personal breathalyzers.

In order to put the plan into action for having alternative means to get home, you would have to see the value in them. After all, you may have to leave your vehicle somewhere while getting home a different way. So, how do you know you’re making the right choice and not driving?

Having personal breathalyzers from Not Your Child Corp can help you make these tough decisions that much easier. The thing is, you’re not going to go out to purchase a breathalyzer after you’ve been drinking. You need one with you so when it’s time, you’ll be able to use it to know plan B needs to take place. Make sense?

Having personal or single-use breathalyzers with you will need to become the new normal. It should be part of our lives now. Just like calling for a taxi or Uber has made it into the new normal for getting home, having these breathalyzers with you when an unplanned social activity comes up should also become the new normal. This is where Not Your Child Corp can help. They’ve got your back and can help you stock up. Keep them in your vehicle when the time comes. You’ll appreciate it…and so will your family.


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