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Today in our #Tuesdayblog : You’ve Got Time

You’ve got time.

Time. It’s something we have, but we cannot see. It either moves along slowly or quickly; usually the opposite of what we would like. Sometimes it stands still. Either way, it’s an important part of our lives, but also an overlooked part of our lives.

We tend to budget our time for chores around the house and for running errands. We tend to estimate our arrival time when getting to work or home from work. We even estimate our arrival time during pleasurable road trips. It seems that we can’t escape time although time escapes us. What is it about time that makes it so needed yet understood?

When giving out driving directions we will often say how far we have to go but use time instead of kilometres or miles. It’s a common way to describe the distance from point A to point B. It’s also quite typical for individuals to attempt to reduce the time they spend traveling. They are willing to do less travel time in order to enjoy other things that life brings them. Time is something we like to save whenever possible and when it suits our needs.

But for some reason people won’t accept time as a measurement of sobering up after consuming alcohol. Why is that? They seem to want other ways to sober up. Many people seem to want quicker ways to sober up. Unfortunately, time is all that sobers you up. Cold showers, coffee and exercises and many other “home remedies” do nothing to help the metabolize the alcohol in your body better or faster than time. Eating will slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream so time may be extended before you are fully sober.

The time to metabolize alcohol within your body starts when you first began to consume alcohol. It should also be noted that this time will vary according to each individual. A person’s size and gender make a difference in how much time has to pass to be considered sober. Ever the type of drink you’ve consumed determines how much time you have to wait before you’re sober.

These times are important to understand but just how long should you wait before driving? A tough question to answer based on the information already presented. However, the best advice given is to use an individual breathalyzer from Not Your Child Corp. They are easy to use and can give you quick accurate readings to know whether you should be driving or not. Metabolizing alcohol you’ve consumed is something you can’t rush. Time is the only remedy.

It can be a big mistake to attempt to speed up time in these situations. Not Your Child Corp is there to help you with making a safe decision. Spending the right amount of time now to ensure you are safe and legal to drive after consuming alcohol means you’ll have time later on to enjoy life and all it brings. These breathalyzers allow you to use your time wisely. All you have to do is use it.


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